Cheap Places for Golf Fans Looking to Buy Property Abroad

Property buying, especially abroad is a long and very risky process. However it is worth it if you have to live in a place where you can tee off whenever you like.


Turkey is a paradise in the sun, beautiful coast and spectacular varied landscape and is home to some of the best golf courses in the world. Its extensive coastline is splendid and due to the tourism boom makes it very promising. Turkey offers an impressive location for alternative affordable holidays as a result of its exotic and relaxed atmosphere and golf holidays in Turkey are more popular than ever..

The cost of life in Turkey is relatively low and are about 50% and 60% lower than in the UK so a retired golf fan easily survive on pension without much struggle and still enjoy the luxury of playing golf in the designer golf courses.

Cheap in Turkey is only in the financial sense: it is a place with rich culture, and ancient attractive ruins in the popular coast of Antalya with its numerous courses may just be the perfect place for any keen golfer to buy.


Montenegro is a small paradise in the south of Europe that is gaining popularity as an ideal place for holidays and fun. Its pristine waters, fine weather and the fact that this country is still developing makes it a great place to buy property. Foreigners are allowed to acquire land for development through registering at the notary; the rest of the process has since been simplified and all of this has made buying Montenegro property much more attractive.

This beautiful country has been experiencing substantial touristic growth in the recent years and the prices of property are on the rise. Since investing in property means that you will be investing in a tangible asset, the value can only improve in time.

The best place to buy is near the Budva Golf resort which rests on magnificent heights overlooking the red roofs of the ancient city of Budva, this course is yet to be completed but its location is ideal because it has breathtaking views of Sveti Stefan Peninsula and the Montenegrin coast. Snap it up before the prices become out of this world.


Morocco is a great country, one where you will always find something to do; if you are not enjoying practicing your swing you would be hiking in the Atlas ranges, having a dip in the sea, camping in the desert or being entertained by shimmy belly dancers in the cities.Morocco has been a popular holiday location for some time, why not look to stay a little longer?

Recently Morocco has been attracting wealthy and sophisticated class to its property market; great designer Yves Saint Laurent has property in Marrakech, surely he can’t be so wrong.  Moroccan government has also put up a set of rules that make it easy for foreign investors to acquire property hence making it a popular investment country abroad. Marrakech has several golf courses that you could enjoy playing in such as the Palmeraieamong many other upcoming ones; you will have some quality time in this beautiful country.

The best way to get the kind of property you want is to get an international agent who will assist you in the whole process.