Things You Need To Know About Selling Online

I was recently chatting to someone who has a lot of experience selling things online. I felt lucky to get the opportunity to chat with Paul Hurdsfield, he gave me some great little tips that I’ll share with you guys today.

Selling online has grown massively in the last decade and now many people have given up their jobs because they’re making a small fortune working from home. If you haven’t already, you should do some research about how how many millionaires have been made from sites such as Amazon and Alibaba – it might shock you the number of people living the high life just from selling online.

So hear are some of the gems Paul Hurdsfield told me about selling online.

Your Strategy

Paul Hurdsfield says that to sell anything successfully, you must figure out what strategy you’re going to employ and stick to it. So start to think about sales channels – will you be selling your products online only on a website of are you also going to have a real store?

Stock is also important – figure out what range of products you want to stock. The question here is whether you’re going to specialise in just one product or diversify and sell a variety of products.

Cross Device

Don’t focus on having your platform set up just for mobile devices. You might think that nearly everything is online shopping with their mobile phones but that just isn’t the case because people will use whichever they prefer; laptops, desktops and tablets. Ignoring this can cost you money.

You need to make sure that you have provided the correct shopping experience for every platform available. This also applies to your physical store if you use one.

Delivery Dedication

We have all been there; ordered something online that we’re really looking forward to receiving but for some reason when it arrives you’re disappointed because it looks terrible or is late. Getting delivery just right will increase the number of repeat customers massively. The things you need to focus on are; price, the delivery options, what comes inside the packaging and also how the parcel looks when it arrives.

It is vital for your business that you make the delivery experience good for the customer. That will cost you some money but in the long run you will end up making money.