How to Spend Your Time in Cornwall

There are so many things to do in Cornwall that it can be difficult to decide on how to spend a few days in this glorious English county. Surprisingly there are a great many Brits who have never visited Cornwall, despite this beautiful destination sitting right on their doorsteps. For those who do visit however, they are guaranteed a destination which is packed with natural beauty, adventure, discovery and relaxation.


I have spent a great amount of time in Cornwall over the last decade or so, and here are some of my suggestions for how you can spend your time here in the south of England.

Fine Dining

The best food to eat here in Cornwall, and the most abundant as well, is fresh fish and seafood, and if you are going to do it, you have to do it right. Padstow is a small fishing port in the far south of Cornwall, around 30 minutes away from Newquay. In this town you will find the best seafood restaurants in Cornwall, potentially the country in fact. You can dine in style with oysters and champagne or go rough and ready with some good old fashioned fish and chips to go, whichever you decide, Padstow will ensure that you are eating the finest and the freshest fish possible.

See a Show

Just 4 miles away from Lands End you will find a rare gem, a small amphitheater which has been built right on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the sea. The theater puts on all manner of productions from classic plays to new and exciting dramatizations. What I love most about heading to the Minack Theatre is that you can take your own picnic, perhaps a small bottle of wine, and enjoy the live entertainment as the sun sets behind the sea in the background, pure bliss.


Whether you have never surfed before or if you are a surfing expert, you will enjoy the surfing options that you find down here in Cornwall. Newquay alone sees thousands of tourists each year, who arrive from all over the world to hit the surf here. It is for this reason that Newquay  is now very much a surfer town, with shops and schools to be found all along the beach. The surf here is ever-present but the severity of the waves range, making it the perfect spot for those who are yet to get their surf legs.


The coastal walks around Cornwall are absolutely stunning and after taking some days to wander around this county you will begin to see just how spectacular it truly is. The coastal trails are not the only hiking fun to be found here however, you can also explore the thick forest canopy further inland, and see an altogether different side to Cornwall, away from the crashing waves.

Make sure that you leave yourself enough time in Cornwall to fill your schedule, you will have a blast!