Things I Needed To Know On My First Ski Holiday

With a few minutes spent on your iPhone or laptop you’re able to book your ski holiday to Mount Hotham, when you’ve done that congratulations because you’ve taken the first big step to heading to the slopes. I think skiing is one of the best type of holidays you can go on, but you must remember it is not as straight forward as heading to lounge on a beach for a week.

I have been skiing more times than I can remember now and I have picked up some very useful tips I wish I had known when I first hit the slopes. Here are some real gems that will make sure you have the best first ski holiday at Mount Hotham.


Then best times to book your trip are during the beginning and end of the season. As you’d expect, it is usually quieter at these times and that means two things; more space on the slopes and more options of places to stay where you can get lower rates if you look carefully enough.


Your Vehicle

If you plan to travel to Mount Hotham by car you need to make sure your car has appropriate levels of coolant, this must have antifreeze. One great tip we picked up from a local was to use Alpine Mix Diesel (if you’re running on diesel) because it’s the best thing to have during the winter months. As for the route we took – we were heading there from Melbourne and the snow was coming down, so we opted for the Omeo route. It was a great choice because it’s much more comfortable a drive and you’re shielded from the elements too.

Arriving & Parking

If this is going to be your first time then the best thing to do is get there when there is daylight. Not only will you be able to gaze at the stunning views but you will also get a sense of where everything is and finding your hotel is easier. Always reverse in to your parking spot at the resort because it makes life much easier and if snow is forecast put the chains on – people in know are well aware that this saves a lot of time digging out snow and then putting them on.


The Slopes

The early bird does certainly the snow. If you want to experience the best conditions and lay your own tracks then make sure you’re up and about early. When you’ve made the effort to get up early you don’t want to queue for lift passes, you can pre book them online easily. Getting up to the top of the lift, smelling that crisp morning air, then heading down through the fresh snow which has been prepared beautifully will clear any tiredness out of the system. The best part is that you’ll be having an early lunch because hunger will kick in earlier than usual, when you’re finishing everyone else will be sitting down – it gives you another go at having more space on the slopes!