8 Great Gifts For A Coffee Aficionado

Now most people who are big fans of coffee already have their set up at home for their favorite types of coffee but that is not to say that they don’t have room for more items. No matter whether the person you are buying for prefers their espressos or lattes, uses a pour over method or a drip coffee maker or enjoys cold or hot coffee, there is always something that you can find which they will love and which will compliment their passion for coffee.

Here then are 8 gift ideas which we think will go down a storm.


Coffee Cup Warmer 

It is easy to forget about of coffee and let it go cold, but that will be a thing of the past with a coffee cup warmer. These coaster-sized devices ensure that the coffee stays hot, right down to the last sip.

Guide Art

There are some lovely pieces of art which double as a guide to what each coffee type is and what vessel it should be served in. This would make for a great addition to a coffee lover’s kitchen.

Temp Control Mug 

Another great option to keep that coffee warm is the Ember mug, a best seller which controls the temperature within the mug until you are finished. The temperature can be pre-set from your smart phone and all you have to do is find the sweet spot and make sure that the battery is charged.

Moka Pot 

Mots coffee lovers already have an espresso maker or moka pot in their home but if they do not then this is the ideal gift. Not only does the moka pot brew delicious coffee, it is also a really cool piece to have on display in the kitchen, there is something about it which oozes style and class.


A coffee subscription is something which the recipient can look forward to every month as they have a new and exciting coffee to try, and it will be a very well received gift. There are many companies which offer these subscriptions, try and find one which has the widest range of options.

Collapsable Travel Cup 

Taking your coffee on the go has never been easier than with this collapsible coffee cup which breaks down to a small disc once the coffee is done, handy, lightweight and very portable.

Guide Book

Buying some reading material which they can enjoy over a fresh cup of coffee will be a great idea, especially if you choose to buy a book which offers a guide to all things coffee. These books are packed with information about the growing and the cultivation process as well as the preparation of coffee and some top barista tips.


If you are looking for a lower priced gift then a personalized coffee mug would be a nice touch that will keep the costs down, but still ensure that you have a thoughtful gift to give your friend or loved one.

Which will be the gift that you decide on?