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Glamping in Scotland

“Glamping” or “glamourous camping” is taking the world by a storm, and one of the most popular locations to partake in glamping is right in Scotland.  If you’re planning your next glamping trip in Scotland, read this read more

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What to pack for your trip

When planning a trip you have to pack efficiently these days – especially if you’re flying! With all the budget airlines reducing the size of carry-on baggage and pushing up the price for any bags in the hold, we all need to squeeze space-efficient gear into our neat little bags.

It’s not like read more

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The Essentials Kit

If you’re doing any long-term backpacking, learning to be self-reliant is a must. Stores and pharmacies abroad generally stock most things that you can find at home, but their products can be at times of woefully inadequate quality, unfairly high price, or just plain hard to find. As a result, every read more