Understanding Disney Orlando Tickets

Disney and Universal are without question the best things for you to do in Orlando, your kids will absolutely love. For most people the best holiday they went on as a kid was to Disney World, everyone can remember their first visit and the rides they went on. We have all grown up watching the movies, getting to watch the magic come to life is simply spectacular! If you are travelling to Orlando to enjoy the fantastic Disney World Theme parks then after your flight and accommodation the most expensive part and important part of your trip are the Disney World tickets. You need to understand everything about the tickets before you purchase them, making the right choice will lead to a much better holiday for you and all of your family. There are so many options available, here is a quick breakdown of what is on offer.

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The most common type of ticket is know as a Magic Your Way ticket, this tickets allows it’s holder to enter one theme park per day. You can buy these tickets with a validity of anything from one to ten days, obviously the more days you buy then the more the cost is reduced per day.

If you are planning to visit more than one park per day then you will need add a bolt on to the Magic Your Way ticket, for this you will need to add the park hopping feature. They charge a flat fee for this which last time I checked was around $52 (USD). You can go between all four parks with this ticket in a day, whilst this might sound very very appealing indeed it is certainly not the best option. You will get much more fun and value for your money if you just stick to one park per day.

If you like getting wet and enjoy the water parks then there is a bot on that you won’t want to miss. This additional option will give you access  to water parks, golf and video games! It is called the Water Park Fun & amp;More ticket. You will be able to enjoy your day by having access to DIsney water parks, indoor Quest theme park and the famous Oak Trail’s golf course.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you purchase your ticket through a trusted agent. You should book everything in advance, this will not only save you money but also save you time when you arrive, nobody wants to be sorting out details they should have done at home after they arrive!