9 Awesome Cornish Experiences

Cornwall is probably our family’s favorite spot in the UK and each year we head down south to enjoy some of the incredible campsites in Cornwall. There is so much on offer here in Cornwall for every type of traveler and whether you are heading off for a romantic break or a family adventure you will find plenty to do and see. To give you some more inspiration, here are some awesome experiences which you can enjoy.


The Minack Theater

Probably one of Cornwall’s best kept secrets is the Minack Theater, an outdoor amphitheater which sits on the edge of a cliff. Grab your picnic blanket, a bottle of wine and some snacks, and enjoy some live theater in the most beautiful of destinations.

Cornish Pasty

You haven’t tried a Cornish pasty until you have tried it in the place where the idea was first conceived. In bakeries throughout the county you can enjoy the original and the tastiest Cornish pasty.

The Eden Project

The largest greenhouses in the world can be found in the Eden Project here in Cornwall, with enormous biospheres that recreate climates from all over the world. Expect to spend at least a day exploring these amazing gardens.

Clotted Cream

In Devon and Cornwall clotted cream is a delicacy that is best enjoyed lathered on a fresh scone, and served with a beautiful pot of tea. The cafes in Cornwall specialize in this and you will no doubt be going back for seconds and thirds.


Newquay and the surrounding areas attract surfers from all over the world to come and ride the waves here, and beginners can have some fun too. There are many surf schools which can help you to get your sea legs and learn how to ride the waves in no time at all.

Coastal Walks

Across the rugged edge of the coast you will find a huge number of hiking trails which take in the very best of this county’s landscape. You can spend hours hiking across the edge of the land here in Cornwall, discovering all kinds of treats as you go.


We aren’t best known for our beaches here in the UK but in Cornwall that changes altogether. In fact when the sun is shining there are no better beaches in the country, perhaps in Europe than you can find in Cornwall, soft sand and isolation , the perfect combination for an afternoon’s relaxation.

Craft Cider

The west country has gained a lot of recognition for its cider but here in Cornwall you can also find some beautiful cloudy ciders which will leave you wanting more. They can be strong however so make sure that you take your time and don’t get too carried away.


In  St Michaels Mount, Pendennis Castle, St Mawes and Tintagel you can find fascinating castles that sit on hills overlooking the English Channel. Take a glimpse into Cornwall’s medieval past and enjoy a day out at any of these wonderfully preserved castles.

What are you waiting for, Cornwall is the best place to spend your vacation in 2019.

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