Tips For Your Orlando Theme Park Experience

If you are taking the family to Orlando this year then you will no doubt have been spending a lot of time researching the theme park options here. Whilst a trip to Orlando offers far more than just the parks, they are most definitely one of the  most popular attractions here and millions of people descend on the parks each and every year. In order to maximize your time and enjoyment during your vacation it is important to understand what you are getting yourself into so we have some handy tips to ensure that your trip is every bit as memorable as it ought to be.


Which Parks?

First thing is first, you need to know which parks it is that you want to go to. Try as you might, on a 2 week break to Florida it just isn’t possible to really get the most out of every theme park and it is probable that you won’t want to spend the full 2 weeks in the parks. If you do have 2 weeks and you really want to get the most out of the trip then I’d advise picking 2 or maximum 3 parks to enjoy. The reason being is that many of the parks such as Disney and Universal, require a couple of days at least to see what they have to offer.


Once you know what parks you want to go to and you have settled on the days and times which you will be going, it is time to look for tickets online. There are many deals on Orlando theme parks for all ages online and a little bit of research on your part will result in some great savings on your tickets. Look out for deals on tickets and transport combined, parking deals, as well as any hotel and park ticket combinations. Waiting until you arrive to buy your tickets is likely to cost you much more money.


The kids are going to have a great time at the parks, in fact the whole family will, but it is important to plan ahead in order to make the day run more smoothly. Remember that you will all be doing a huge amount of walking so solid footwear is required, furthermore you will need to ensure that you have protection from the sun as you will be exposed for much of the day. In terms of drinks and snacks you can of course buy these in the parks but sometimes options are limited, bringing items with you to the park can help to avoid food queues and ensure that you aren’t spending crazy money on food in the park. The last thing anyone needs is hungry or sunburnt children so be sure that you take measures to avoid this so that your kids can focus on having the most fun possible.

Planning and preparation are the keys to a great time at Orlando’s theme parks so make sure you get ahead and make it as memorable as it should be.