Looking For an Awesome UK Travel Spot? Cornwall is The Ultimate Answer

If you are looking to take a domestic break for your next holiday then I cannot think of a more perfect place than Cornwall. No matter if you are going on a romantic retreat, a family break or a trip away with friends, this is a great destination to choose and one which will not disappoint. For my family camping in Cornwall is a real highlight of the year and we have been going now for almost 10 years. If you haven’t been to Cornwall before and you are on the fence abut visiting, here are just a few reasons why I would urge you to take that trip. 



The food here is simply beautiful and especially so in the coastal towns and villages. Cornwall is of course famous for its pasties, which I must confess taste better here than anywhere else that I have tried them. Another favorite of mine is clotted cream, something of a delicacy here in the southwest and if you can squeeze in some afternoon tea at a small cafe then a scone layered with clotted cream is the best way to eat it. Finally there is the wide range of super fresh seafood and fish which you’ll find in the coastal towns, most of it came off the trawler that morning! 


There is a wide range of activities which you can get involved with here in Cornwall and no matter what kind of outdoor pursuits it is that you enjoy, you can find it here. Coastal walks which take in the natural splendor of the county, surfing experiences in Newquay, hiking and cycling trails through the forest, kayaking, swimming, quad bikes, kitesurfing, rappelling, archery and sailing, a huge amount of things to do which will keep you busy. 

Outdoor Events 

Two of my favorite things to do here in Cornwall is the Eden Project, a collection of huge biospheres which have been used to recreate tropical environments inside. The Eden Project offers a wide range of events during the summer months too such as adventure days and music concerts. The second place I love to go to is the glorious Minack Theater, an open-air theater which sits on top of a cliff gazing over the Atlantic Ocean. Take your own food and drinks and enjoy the backdrop of the sunset as you watch a dramatic performance. 


Something which I love when I get down to Cornwall is the reception of the locals. Down there you’ll find a slower pace of life and a focus on the simpler things in life. Most locals who I meet are incredibly welcoming and really want us to have the best possible time. This warmth is something which really adds another dimension to your holiday and it is just another reason why you will love Cornwall so much. 

It is easy to overlook such amazing locations that are on our doorsteps, make sure that you don’t do this with Cornwall.