Travel Tips for Visiting Thailand

Thailand is one of the most easygoing, interesting and friendly places you can choose to go traveling. The people are open and welcoming, the food delicious and spicy, and the natural surroundings beautiful and diverse. With no shortage of activities, adventures and experiences to have, don’t wait; arrange thailand tours with Trailfinders and get on your way to the beautiful Land of Smiles. Here are some tips to get you familiar with traveling in Thailand:


Getting Around

The cheapest flights will fly into Bangkok, and you can easily take buses or trains from there to your final destination. Low-cost carriers like NokAir and AirAsia offer domestic flights throughout the country (Bangkok to Chiang Mai is about $60.) The overnight train or bus will take you the same distance for about $15. Buses are the cheapest way to get around the country, with many bus lines to choose from. Once in the city, song taews, or red taxi trucks, will take you where you need to go for $1-2. Tuk tuks are slightly pricier, for a slightly more scenic experience. Or you can hire a motorbike to take yourself around for about $5-8 per day. Some of the more affordable transportation service companies are located near the best hotels in Bangkok. They provide rides from the Airport directly to your hotel.

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Weather- When is the best time to come?

Thailand has 3 seasons: dry season, hot season and rainy season. These also correspond with the tourist “high” and “low” seasons. The highest tourist season is dry season, from October to February. Temperatures are still quite warm but very pleasant, especially in the north. It’s a great time to visit but do expect crowds. Hot season is from March-June and is marked by very high temperatures, especially in the south and Bangkok. It’s a good time to hit the beaches or the north of the country, where the heat is bearable. And rainy season, from July-September, has monsoon-type rains once per day in short bursts. It clears up the air so you’ll enjoy the freshness while still being able to sightsee during the day.


Cultural tips and etiquette

Thailand is a Buddhist country, so you’ll likely notice some differences between theirs and Western culture. You’ll see monks at the temples and around the cities; feel free to smile and be friendly with them! But women shouldn’t touch a monk or make direct eye contact. Thais are very loyal to their king and royal family, so you shouldn’t really talk about the monarchy when you’re in Thailand. You could offend someone without even meaning to. Buddhist culture considers the feet to be unclean, so don’t point your feet at anyone or even at a temple! Thai culture is also quite conservative, so keep this in mind when you’re out and about town. Guys should wear a shirt at all times, and girls should keep their bikini tops at the beach and pool only. Cover up when entering a temple and generally respect the quieter nature of Thai public places.