Bali’s Top Cultural Attractions

Bali is considered the heart of Indonesia’s tourism, and not only is visiting this island breathtaking, but it certainly proves a worthwhile experience. In Bali, nature is at its best and the rich Indonesian cultural diversity is also at top notch.

Tourists from all walks of life visit this beautiful serenity not only to enjoy the various sites but also be part of the rich cultural and historicalelements in Indonesia. However there are the must sees in this beautiful country and these are the sites that stand tall, attracting people to visit Bali. Let’s take a look at some of the to cultural attractions of offer on this amazing island.


Internationally recognized for providing the best waves, Sporting lovers will not leave Bali without visiting these beaches. The beaches have received international acclamation for producing some of the best renowned surfers in the world of sport, across shorelines such as Uluwatu and Kuta.

In addition, divers also have an opportunity to sharpen their skills as there are spectacular coral reef hotspots. Sanur beach, commonly referred to as sunrise beach, offers one of the best reefs in the area. Other sports available in Bali include flying fish, snorkeling, jet skiing and banana boating just to mention a few.

Temples and Museums

In Bali, a visitor will definitely feel the culture of the people of Indonesia when visiting temples and museums. With the breathtaking sites of the various temples in Bali, accompanied by the captivating history, no one would want to miss out on this wonderful experience. Tanah temple stands out among all the historical structures, bearing in mind the temple is in the sea and guarded by a white and black snakes.

This does not only qualify asa natural phenomena, but also a wonder of the world. Garuda Winsu Kencana is a temple that cannot go unnoticed as it takes the stature of a god (Vishnu).Bajra Sandhi Balinese depicts what Bali is all about, and if you want to learn more about Bali, this is the museum to visit.

Mountains, Lakes and Caves

Visit Bedugul and experience the best that nature can offer; here you get the perfect view of the beautiful mountains and lake. Kintamani also offers another amazing view of the second highest and still active mountain of Batur and Lake Batur. Here the temperatures are cool and offer the best environment to relax and enjoy what nature has to offer. In addition, a visit to Ubud will give you an opportunity to see the wonderful mount Kawi. In ubud, you should certainlyexperience the famous Goa gajah cave which is considered a world heritage site.

Wild Game and Market Places

Mention the Sukawati art market and you will ring a bell somewhere. A visit to Bali is not complete without visiting this famous market, and it’s an amazing experience at anaffordable cost. There is no better way to show appreciation for Bali than to sample the local artwork, and when it comes to the wild game, the island offers a variety of species. Bali Bird Park is home to a vast array of species, and Bali safari Marine Park also offers over 80 species and 400 rare animals from Indonesia.

I hope this article enlightened you to the Cultural attractions in Bali!