Turkey: Essential Travel Tips

I love going to Turkey, it is such a fantastic place for a holiday. If you haven’t seen it on the map, it is absolutely huge and that is excellent because it means that it is such a diverse country. You have fantastic beaches, breath taking mountain ranges, hip cities and countless historical sites on offer. I have been lucky enough to visit Turkey twice and I have to say that the place keeps me wanting to go back for more, my last trip lasted for 6 weeks and I can tell you that it wasn’t long enough by any means! Holidays to Turkey are becoming increasingly popular, millions of people from all over the world flock to Turkey each year. Some come to soak u the sun and relax, where as others head off on an adventure through time by visiting the ancient sites that are all over the country. If you haven’t already been, why not? With so many amazing travel offers available at the moment there really hasn’t been a better time to visit.

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My Favourite thing about Turkey is how friendly everyone is there. I was blown away with the kindness and generosity of everyone that I was fortunate enough to meet on my travels there. If I had any questions or problems I knew that if I approached someone they would help or find someone that did. To make your next trip to Turkey every bit as good as it should be here are some great tips to help you out.


Forget about bringing travellers cheques to Turkey because you will always get a much better rate when you are exchanging cash, the commission that is take for the cheques is just to high to justify bringing them along. Turkey is as modern as back home in London, so you can bring your cards with you and use them nearly everywhere that you will visit.


If you are planning to visit the sites, which will probably include a mosque or two, then you need to make sure that have appropriate clothing. Men must wear trousers and women must wear clothes that cover their knees, chest and shoulders. If you find yourself turning up to a mosque not wearing these then do not worry as you will be provided with a garment to cover your body.


My tip here is to eat as much as you can because the food is simply delicious. if you want to eat where the locals eat then head off the main strip and down the little side alleys, here you will find some great value food coupled with a friendly local atmosphere. I would recommend not to drink the tap water, always drink bottled water.