How to save money on your European Train Travel

I have been very fortunate to travel a lot during my life, the one thing that I keep learning is how not to blow unnecessary money when I am on the road. Now, I don’t mean not eating or sleeping in a doorway, what I mean is keeping an eye on my budget and making sure that I don’t spend money where I don’t have to. The first thing to tell you about saving money when travelling around Europe is to buy the right ticket and make sure you travel on the right type of trains. If you’re lucky you will get to hop onboard the super quick and ultra modern TGV train, this train means that you will get to your destination quickly but you will also be able to use your electronic equipment so you don’t miss out on any work that can in turn cost you money! Here are some great ways to travel Europe on a budget.images (18)

Sit down and plan your route

If you plan to buy a eurail pass to travel throughout Europe then planning your route and dates is perfect. If you know your plan then you can book your seats in advance and make sure that you have a fixed price before you leave home.

Don’t hesitate to book

Just as it is with most things, booking early is always best when you are buying tickets. A lot of the popular routes will offer outstanding discounts if you buy your ticket well in advance. If you are planning to use a pass when you travel then the seats may have a limited availability, so don’t hesitate!

Travel through the night

This is the best way to save money. Usually, after travel, accommodation is the most expensive thing when you are travelling. So if you have the chance to take a night train you should do it. Why waster your money on a hotel room for the night if you can lay your head down for free on a train? This little tip will save you so much money during your travels.