Top 5 places to visit in Morocco

Morocco is a great destination for winter sun and beach breaks, culture and active holidays. There really is something for everyone.

There’s always plenty of all-inclusive breaks to make the most of and Morocco is only a three and a half hour flight from most UK airports, making it an ideal destination for long weekends as well as week-long breaks.


The fourth-largest city in the country, and undoubtedly the most popular with tourists, Marrakech is the beating heart of Morocco. A treat for the senses, the city is a hub of activity – labyrinthine streets, colourful souks and tempting street food. One of the most popular spots is Djemaa el-Fna, Marrakech’s main square, which is packed with stalls offering snacks and spices, handmade crafts and gifts. Another perusing the stalls, enjoy a tangy mint tea in one of the many restaurants surrounding the square, offering great views of all the activity.

This harbour town has a bohemian feel and is popular with tourist who want to see a different side of Morocco from the larger, more busy, cities. Home to a crumbling fortress, complete with cannon overlooking the ocean, you’ll find plenty of treasures within its historic walls. Don’t miss the fish market for as-fresh-as-you-can-get produce, as well as plenty of cosy restaurants where you can dine on traditional tagines. The long, golden beach is ideal for surfing and afternoon strolls.

The home of the iconic hat – the fez – Fez (or Fes) is Morocco’s oldest imperial city. The entire medina has been designated Unesco World Heritage of Humanity Site. Wander through its souks and alleys which are unchanged since the Middle Ages. Your exploration should begin at Bab Boujlloud Gate, before discovering sites including the Tijani zaouïa (zaouïa, sanctuary of a religious brotherhood), Es-Seffarine Square and The Tanners’ Quarter and the old Dar Batha Palace, with its  Arabo-Andalusian design.

Atlas Mountains
Any outdoors-enthusiast should head to the Atlas Mountains, one of the most stunning parts of Morocco in terms of landscape. Its Berber villages, snow-capped mountains and verdant valleys are perfect for walking and hiking. A good base is Ouirgane – a Berber village situated in the High Atlas Mountains, south west of Marrakech – a popular destination and gateway to the Tassa Ouirgane National Park. It has become a very popular base for longer treks to Jbel Toubkal and Amizmiz areas.

For those that like sun, sand and sea, Agadir is the most popular seaside resort of Morocco. With more than 300 days of sunshine a year and a 10km beach of golden sand, it’s not hard to see why. After having your fill of sunbathing and surfing, the old kasbah is well worth a visit. It boasts a fantastic view of the bay and port. The new medina, reconstructed from the 1990s onwards by Italian architect Coco Polizzi, is also a big attraction.