My Favourite Things – Places to Visit in Salzburg

When someone mentions Salzburg the thing that springs to many people’s minds is that wonderful classic The Sound of Music. It won’t surprise you to hear though that there is slightly more to the pretty Austrian city than that. You will be amazed at the number of things you will find to do on a visit to the fourth largest city in Austria.


Relive the Classic Moments:

Before you dive off into the cultural depths of Salzburg it has to be done. Just the very mention of the song Do-Re-Me will have it spiralling into an ear-worm inside your head. Relive that iconic moment when the Maria and the Von Trapp children used steps as a musical scale and put a visit to the Mirabell Palace on your itinerary. Make sure that you go with multiple children to get the most out of the experience. It is also worth noting that you can find many concerts being held in the Marble Hall here, many of them playing Mozart and his contemporaries’ works. It is well worth the visit as is the Pegasus Fountain in the grounds.

Sounds, Taste and Sight:

Salzburg is a city where you can feed your senses. It is after all the birthplace of Mozart. There are many museums and art galleries to provide a cultural boost. If you need some help in deciding where to go Salzburg tours may provide some much needed advice. Make sure that you pay a visit to the museum dedicated to Mozart. Take a trip down Getreidegasse which is a traditional shopping street where you will find his birthplace, pottering around this area makes for an interesting day. Another interesting place to visit is in the Marketplatz, where you will find a five metre high bronze sculpture designed by English Sculptor Tony Cragg. You can actually walk into it, and although it initially appears to be flowing lava, spend some time and you come to realise that it actually contains three couples embraced in a kiss. Top it off with an adventurous Wurst Sausage meal deal and your day will be complete.

What Not To do Whilst In Salzburg:

It is not common knowledge but asking for tap water is considered to be bad manners in Salzburg. You may be provided with some bottled water, and some restaurants and venues may charge you for asking for tap water, please be aware that some will just refuse though. Also don’t put up with rude waiters and staff. Much of the staffing over the summer is seasonal and transitory. As a result some of the waiting staff can come over as rude. Do not put up with it, Austrians appreciate a little bit of Italian drama and complaints will be seen to quickly if made.

There is so much to do in Salzburg no one article can cover it. It is a diverse and eclectic city with a lot of charm. Enjoy all that it has to offer. You will find yourself visiting again in the future and telling friends to follow your example.

Image attributed to franky242