Tenerife: the ultimate winter sun destination

Although staycations in the UK are perfectly feasible during the summertime, come autumn and winter you can pretty much forget about a beach holiday as temperatures plummet, the rain sets in and the wind gets up.

It’s perhaps not surprising then that every year millions of Brits head in search of some winter sun to replenish their vitamin D levels and get a tan that will be the envy of their pasty friends and colleagues when they return home.

Such is the popularity of winter sun breaks that even though it’s currently summer in the UK, you really should consult Monarch now to make sure you don’t miss out on the best deals.

As for what destinations are good in December and January, the southern hemisphere is certainly a viable option as, due to the tilt of the Earth on its axis, when it’s winter in the UK it’s summer Down Under. However, locations such as Australia and South Africa aren’t exactly ideal for a crafty week-long winter getaway given the lengthy flight times.

Tenerife holidays on the other hand are ideal, with the sun-kissed Canary Island just four hours from London. This snappy flight time means that you can be sunbathing on a golden beach the very same day that you left the freezing cold UK – your body won’t know what’s hit it!

And just because it’s in the Northern Hemisphere doesn’t mean that Tenerife is short on sunshine or warmth. Enjoying a favourable position on the same latitude as the Sahara Desert but in the path of the tradewinds, the island is blessed with year-round pleasant weather.

On average, Tenerife receives around ten hours of sunshine per day, temperatures of at least 20 C and only 55 mm of rain per month in the winter (compared to 80 mm in London).

This enables you to do a huge range of activities that you couldn’t even dream about doing back home in cold, grey Britain, which is great if you’ve started get to withdrawal symptoms from being able to cook up a barbecue, swim in the sea and go walking in the hills.

And Tenerife is far from just being a beach destination, with the island home to a wealth of attractions to suit all tastes. Whether it’s enjoying a relaxing round of golf on a perfectly manicured course, going wild in a waterpark or climbing to the top of a volcano, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make the most of the sun.

It’s also a fine place to eat and drink al fresco, something you can only do for about a quarter of the year back home. There’s nothing quite like watching the sun go down from a beachfront bar with a cocktail in hand and having a cheeky laugh at the thought of your mates shivering in the UK under patio heaters in the local beer garden.

And when your wonderful winter sun holiday sadly comes to end, you’ll really appreciate that short flight time home. Imagine coming home from Australia with 24 hours to ponder how cold and wet it’s going to be when you land.

All in all, Tenerife really is the ultimate year-round holiday destination, with its sunny disposition perfect for winter getaways, while its mild temperatures are ideal for those who find the scorching heat encountered in Turkey and Greece in the summer months just a bit too warm.

That’s enough for you to want to book right now, there are luxury resorts waiting for you on the island!