Dizzyingly magical Disneyland Paris: enchantment for all the family

In the super-stressful 21st century, family life can be fraught with problems and worries – in fact, even just making it through the day from dawn to dusk can often seem like an uphill struggle.  So sometimes the thought of getting away from it all flashes inevitably across every frazzled parent’s mind – ah, to escape to a place where you can forget for a while about the awful office politics and the humdrum domestic chores and the squabbling of bored children…

disneyland paris

But that thought is, of course, immediately followed by the more practical realisation that if there is such a magical family bolt hole, surely it’s bound to be at the other side of the world or beyond the financial limitations of the average UK household?

Not so!  For just a hop, skip and a swim away across the Channel lays the destination of your dreams.

And, more specifically, one of Europe’s most popular tourist attractions: Disneyland Paris.  The resort, which last year celebrated 20 years in business, comprises two distinct theme parks: Disneyland Park, and Walt Disney Studios Park.

Getting Disneyland Paris tickets is as easy as taking candy from a baby. Or at least it should be provided you set about buying your Disneyland Paris tickets in the most user-friendly and cost-effective way – of which more anon.

So where can you buy tickets for this fabulous fairytale place that offers great value holiday fun for all the family? Simple! Online ticket websites such as AttractionTix  feature comprehensive information about pricing options and special offers, so you can book and pay for your Disney tickets there and then.

If you’re worried that the European version of Disney, being considerably cheaper to reach from the UK, might be a dismal disappointment compared with its American counterparts, a quick glimpse at the enraptured faces of young Disneyland Paris visitors on the eponymous website video will quickly dispel any such fears.

From awe to disbelief to incredulity to utter joy, the expressions and emotions generated during a visit to Walt Disney’s imaginative French ‘kingdom’ run the full gamut of juvenile delight.

What parent, or indeed grandparent, wouldn’t be happy just to watch the younger generation living out their Disney dreams, meeting Mickey Mouse and Donald, spotting familiar faces in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride in Adventureland or gasping as the multi-coloured light display casts myriad images of other much-loved characters against the stunning backdrop of the iconic Disney fairytale castle as dusk falls.

Be sure of one thing though: Disney is not just for youngsters. Adults and teenagers visiting Disneyland Paris are far from being mere observers. Walt Disney’s international reputation as a family entertainer is more than justified, and whether you’re a mum, dad, grandparent or teen, you’ll be exhilarated and spooked (in the nicest possible way!) by rides such as Space Mountain in Discoveryland, Indiana Jones in Adventureland and Phantom Manor in Frontierland.

Depending on how long you want to spend in the Disneyland Paris ‘lands’ (there are five to choose from, including Main Street USA, Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland, and Discoveryland), you might opt for a one-day or two-day hopper, or perhaps a ‘four days for three’ deal.

Check out the Disney solution that best suits you and the family, book your tickets and start looking forward to your family’s unmissable magical Disney moments. And, don’t forget, if you still have time after your Euro-American theme park experience, the myriad delights of France’s capital city, Paris, lie within an hour’s train ride away, so you can factor in a soupçon of French culture, too.