Best Themed Restaurants for Cheap Holidays

There’s no doubt that themed restaurants are fun. But does the food come second and does that matter? We guess that depends on how important food is to you or how much you want to have a good time. Here are a few themed restaurants from around the world that you might want to head to or avoid like the plague.

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Lips, New York

It’s billed as drag dining and that’s just what you get. Barmen and waiters are all in drag and all put on a little floor show. The fabulously named Gusty Winds impersonates 1960’s heart-throb Petula Clark. Half way through a sitting she gives a rendition of Petula’s hit, Downtown. Great fun. The restaurant is so entertaining and is near some of the cheapest hotels in New York that offer great accommodations.

Good to know: good fun but be prepared to dine with lots of hen parties


Medeline’s Madteater, Copenhagen

This experience is brought to you by a group of chefs, scientists and musicians! Yes it’s possibly more like theatre than dining, but you do get to eat.

Every lunch time you can join up to 80 other diners to enjoy probably the most normal dining experience here. Other events might involve speaking apples and washing machines. One really good thing is that they work with local produce.

Good to know: definitely one to try if you like to be experimental


Little Bay, Brighton

To say the décor is a touch theatrical would be an understatement, but if you’re going to offer live opera it’s quite fitting. Try for a table in a theatre box to really get in the mood.

Good to know: very reasonably priced


De Kas, Amsterdam

Translated as The Greenhouse, it grows all its own vegetables and uses locally produced organic produce. The huge greenhouse/conservatory can seat up to 140 guests or you can try the very select Chef’s table located in the kitchen. Lunch is served on the terrace in the summer.

There is one menu a day – a two course lunch and a 3 course dinner at a set price. The chef-owner also plans and plants what will be grown in the nursery.

Good to know: best to book


When it comes to cheap getaways, you will need to eat, and what better place to do just this than at these to quality restaurants?




Restaurant De Kas, Amsterdam