Eating my way through Oahu

People find many reasons to travel, and that number only grows as we discover new and exciting tasks to discover ourselves. Whether it be exploring the countryside on a hiking trail, relaxing in one of the luxurious Hawaii family vacation rentals, or seeking out the most mind bending luaus on the island, Oahu is a mecca for world travelers and vacationers alike.

When faced with the traveler’s desires, Oahu came through in spades with every form of distraction to yield a fantastically exhausting life event. Few things are as unifying as the rejuvenation we feel in the morning-after meal. It could be a passing thought in the mind of the partying vacationer or it could be the main destination for the hungry diner, the act of eating is essential to completely embrace the culture of any locale. As Hawaii has become the jumping point for Pacific travel, the food industry has developed into a mouth-watering combination of native Hawaiian cuisine and Asian fare.


My favorite food has always offered a unique experience to go with entrancing gastronomic perfection and the Angry Korean Lady at Ah-Lang restaurant fits the criteria. The name is no joke; she cares nothing about customer service and everything about drinking and making you great food. She is a one-woman show that doesn’t have time to care about pleasantries, check the house rules for yourself.  If you want to bring your own drinks, just make sure to slip her some behind the bar and she’ll waive any bar fees.


For a fantastic Hawaiian taste, few come close to the offerings at Helena’s. Appearing on the Travel channel’s Man vs. Food, this eatery has a lasting legacy as a landmark location after keeping its doors open for 66 years in an extremely competitive industry. Even the James Beard Foundation raves about the quality of food in at this culinary hotspot, awarding it the Regional Classic Award. This hole-in-the-wall is a local favorite as well, never drifting from its humble roots.


The heat of Hawaii’s tropical sun is sure to drain even the hardiest of travelers, so there is ample reason for a thriving shaved ice industry. Out of all the local run shacks and street-side dives, Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha in Aina Hina is an amazing find. Be prepared to be blown away by handmade local fruit syrups and a refreshing atmosphere that makes you feels as though you are a resident of Hawaii yourself. Uncle Clay himself is a charismatic man that will make a 20-minute conversation pass in a flash.

This is only a small sampling of the gastronomic feast that awaits you on Hawaii’s most populous island. In the comments, tell us some of your favorite eats in Oahu! Happy travels.