Hot Spots for Luxury Travel in 2014


Russia is the largest country on planet earth with some of the worlds best kept wonders; it is hard to traverse this country and get to do and see all because it has a lot to offer on its plate, however luxury holidays to Russia are remembered forever.


Moscow is a city dominated by massive Soviet buildings from Lenin Russian State Library to the towering skyscrapers but it is the Kremlin and the famed red square that most people rush of to first. St Basils Cathedral and the Museum of History are also some of the places to visit.  Take a city bus tour so that you can enjoy the city and get to see most of the attractions and later soak up in the luxury of Ivanov Hotel which is a historical landmark at the heart of the city.

Explore Russia in a relaxed manner by taking a luxury water cruise and follow the legendary routes as you get acquainted with its rich history of the Tsars. Take in the marvelous landscapes and enjoy the dazzling lights of the cities illuminated gloriously in the water ways at night.


Greece is a paradise of natural beauty with remarkably glorious sunsets, sparkling beaches and sky blue waters, making it an irresistible luxury destination for 2014. You had better start packing your bags because these mystifying islands are beckoning you to explore them in style. This island country is blessed with amazing wealth of ancient sites and impressive beaches. Vacations in Greece won’t be quickly forgotten.

Santorini is naturally beautiful, its vast blue caldera formed as a result of volcanic eruptions. The red and black cliffs overhanging the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea and the fertile volcanic soils which support agricultural produce are some of the attractions of Santorini. Here you will find the Katikies luxurious hotel which enjoys one of the world’s greatest infinity pools and a collection of brilliant white cottages hewn out of volcanic rocks. Here you can enjoy sunset wine tasting and discover Greece’s exotic vintages, take a boat trip into the caldera and enjoy swimming in the warm waters of Nea Kameni.


This Balkan country seems to be fast becoming the new glitzy Mediterranean hangout. Its fairytale black mountains, the sparkling blue waters of the Adriatic Sea and ancient towns are some of its irresistible gems that keep visitors coming for more.

The luxury island resort Sveti Stefan boasts of offering Hollywood stars a perfect holiday getaway while they indulge in its wealth of beauty. It is in its whole entirety a preposterously beautiful Aman resort which some have now named as the Balkan Riviera and accessible via a causeway dotted with red pebble beach’s on either side. Some of the buildings that make up this stunning island are imaginative others hideous and majestic, but it is here that luxury beckons and still holds the title of the World Heritage site immaculately.

Porto Montenegro is host to over 600 yachts berths with waters deep enough to hold most of super-yachts. Here you can sail away in luxury and see the views of whitewashed buildings with a rocky mountains as its backdrop. And if you haven’t got such strong sea legs, then you can choose from the many luxurious villas in Montenegro to stay in style whilst keeping on dry land.

Whichever of these amazing places you choose to visit, you can be sure of an amazing luxury holiday packed with glamour and style.