The Traveler’s Conundrum: Spain vs Mexico

If you’re looking for a hot, Latin location for your next destination, then you may find yourself torn between two common locations:  Spain and Mexico. While both do boast their own benefits, they also come with their own bout of drawbacks.  Here are some of our recommendations:

Mexico:  It’s Nice, But…

Mexico is the ideal travel destination for anyone living in North American who’s looking for a hot destination at a good price.  Always more economical than Spain, Mexico is a top choice for Americans and Canadians because of the nice resorts, beautiful beaches, and fair pricing (after all, there aren’t many other countries that offer 7-day 4-star resort stays for well under $1000USD).  There’s a lot of culture to soak up in Mexico too, from the Mayan pyramids to the modern day people that you can find selling their wares right across the American border in Mexico in Algodones (Arizona border) or Tijuana (California border).

Why Choose Spain

There’s no question about it: Spain holds a lot more culture and mystique than Mexico.  Mexico is full of beautiful beaches that border both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, but Spain’s beaches are by far incomparable.  The beaches just seem richer, which may be because more of the locals tend to frequent these beaches as well as the travelers, whereas the beaches on Mexico are usually exclusively for those who pay to stay at the resorts lining those shores.

There’s also a certain mystic and adventurous side to Spain that Mexico seems to lack. Sure, there are a ton of fantastic things to do in Mexico and numerous things to see, but Spain has a rich documented history behind it that Mexico seems to lack.  In Mexico, a lot of the attractions also seem to be staffed by under wage workers, while those in Spain generally speak better English and seem to be better-paid (after all, the standard of living in Spain is higher than that in Mexico).

If golfing’s your game, there’s no question about where you need to go: you need to go to Spain.  Mexico has some nice golf courses, but if you really want to dig into some world class golfing then just on that next plane to Spain.  There are a variety of golf resorts like the Grand Hotel Residencia in Maspalmoas, Gran Canaria in Spain and the Dorint Royal Golf Resort & Spa at Camp de Mar, Mallorca that are ideal for any golfer (and his or her family or friends who are coming along for the ride). This article in Hello magazine is definitely worth a read. It looks at the golf resorts and hotels throughout Spain.   But there are also a number of other golf courses in Spain where anyone can jump in and play without staying at their resort. Golf Kings are a specialist company that offer golf holidays in Spain – and they do all of the hard work – leaving you to work on your tan and your long game.  Here are some golf courses that golf lovers can’t afford to pass up on while in Spain:

  • The Club de Golf Balderrama, Sotogrande, Cadiz
  • PGA Golf de Cataluna, Girona
  • San Rogue Club (Old Course [1] and New Course [11]), Cadiz
  • Real Club de la Puerta de Hierro, Madrid