5 Ways to Save Money on This Year’s Summer Holiday



When you think about holidays the fear of huge spending easily sets in. However, remember it is how you plan your holiday that matters. You can still make the most of your holidays without breaking the bank. Here are some tips.


Deciding the type of cover you need for your trip is always difficult due to the fine print on most of the insurance policy. Make use of the internet and compare prices from different companies.

If you travel a lot, the take the annual cover, it costs less. Some covers in your local area also include other countries abroad, for example if your destination is Morocco and you are in Europe then you may need a worldwide travel insurance policy for such countries.


One of the reasons for travelling is basically to see the world, sometimes you may not be able to see all that you desired due to the gate charges.  So check out whether your destination has any form of passes that allow you to cheap access these attractions.

You could also cut costs by investing in the passes like the Paris Pass. This pass allows for rides across the city via the buses, so nothing stops you from exploring the city and its suburbs’, as well as entry to some museums. The Barcelona Card also includes unlimited travel by trains, buses and even boat rides.


Most people after choosing a destination keep postponing booking the accommodation. If you book early chances are that you will pay less as most hotels have sufficient rooms then. For example anyone planning to vacation in the Caribbean can find great hotel ideas online at discount prices. Exotic tropical destinations like the Caribbean can get rather expensive when it comes to booking your flight and hotel. Taking the time to make your accommodations in advance can help you travel within your budget. Unfortunately, the travel industry is out there to make money from people who procrastinate when it comes to making their travel plans and that’s why last minute bookings always cost an arm and a leg.

Take time to establish the means of transport you will use once you are in your destination. If you must use a hired car then arrange the bookings early to get the best deals, otherwise use local transport; it is always cheaper.


When you choose a destination for your summer holiday, the next thing to think about is how to get there. If you have to fly you have to learn the secret of booking cheap air tickets. Airfare changes from day to day so some days are cheaper than others and also times of flights matter i.e. most people do not like early morning flights or travelling in the middle of the week so take advantage!

Check whether the airline you are using offers package deals with the hotels you may be travelling to, normally the packaged deals are always cheaper to attract you.



If you have already themed your holiday and your destination, then it is advisable to list the items you will need for this trip. For example if your destination will require swimming costumes, sunscreen and flip flops, buy these items early rather than when they are in demand; the prices will definitely be soaring.

At the airport as you wait for your flight, avoid buying snacks, the prices may have tripled from the normal supermarket prices, so pack your own snacks and you will save.