The best ways to get a good holiday deal

If you’re looking for vacation deals then consider the following list of tips:

download (8) Off peak travel

You will never find a great deal if you try to travel during the christmas or school holiday season, this is because the hotels do not need to drop their prices to tempt people into making a booking. The same goes for airlines, they know that their flights will be full so there will be no special offers available.

Be flexible

If you are flexible with your dates then you will be very surprised how much money you will be able to save, by changing your dates by a few days then you may be able to save money. If you can avoid travelling on a Friday or Saturday then there are savings to be a had. The other bonus to be had at flying during low peak times is that you may be able to get some extra space, meaning that you can take over a few seats.

Book your travel early

If you aren’t willing to be flexible with the dates that you travel then you should aim to book your flights as soon as possible, this is essential if you are planning to fly at a peak time. Flights very rarely decrease in value the closer you get to the departure date, so take the plunge and book as soon as possible. If you sign up to the newsletters for several airlines then you will be able to see when they have special offers.

Don’t rush to book a hotel

If you are planning to stay during peak season or want to book a certain hotel then you should book your accommodation as soon as possible, if not, then hold off a while before choosing where to stay. Yes, there are early booker deals, but there are better deals to be had a couple of weeks before your stay – hotels are looking of get rid of their empty rooms so will drop their prices.

Activities and Tours

Wait until you arrive at your destination to book your activities, realistically you don’t know what you will want to do before seeing the place. You will also find better deals when you are on the ground, you will also be able to choose the best activities. It is difficult to decide which activity you want to do just from a photo.

Look at all options

Shop around before you make a decision, there are so many agents out there do not book the first thing you see. If you are planning to travel during low season then you may even be able to negotiate more of a reduction in price.

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