5 Reasons to enjoy a trip to Cork like Kim and Kanye

They’re one of the most talked about showbiz couples in the world, and following their lavish wedding in Florence, Italy, all eyes were on the honeymoon destination of the newly married West’s.  So where did one of the world’s most famous couples decide to honeymoon following their wedding – Dubai, the Seychelles, a Caribbean island, perhaps even a romantic European city like Paris, Rome or Barcelona?  While these would often be the honeymoon destination of choice for the rich and famous, Kim and Kanye opted for somewhere else, a destination that caught many by surprise.  We’re talking about County Cork in Ireland, an area Kanye knows well having twice performed there.  With Kim and Kanye spending their first few days as husband and wife in the pretty village of Castlemartyr, we thought we’d look at 5 reasons to follow in their footsteps and plan a trip to Cork.

Cork city by night

5 Reasons to visit Cork

1. Visit the impressive English Market

If it’s good enough for the Queen of England then it’s good enough for us.  The English Market was visited by Queen Elizabeth II on her trip to Ireland in 2011, and it certainly is a place worthy of a Queen (and indeed the rest of us).  One of the oldest markets in Europe, a trip to English Market will introduce you to all that is great about Irish food and crafts, with local craftsmen showcasing their products and produce.  With a mix of fledging and established businesses standing side by side, a trip to the market can be a great introduction to life in Cork.

2. Kiss the famous Blarney Stone

The Blarney Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cork, and one big reason for this is your chance to embrace in a kiss; not with a handsome Irish stranger, but with a stone – the Blarney Stone.  Visitors come from all over the world to hang over a ledge at Blarney Castle and kiss this famous stone.  Legend has it that those who kiss the stone will be bestowed with the gift of eloquence, or as the locals would say – “the gift of the gab”!

3. Take a trip to Spike Island

No holiday in Cork would be complete without a trip to Spike Island, which is located at Cork Harbour.  The island has been home to a monastery, fortress and prison in the past, and you’ll certainly experience a piece of Irish history here.  Take a boat ride from nearby Cobh and enjoy a tour of the island including the cells and gun emplacements.

4. Enjoy a pint of Beamish and traditional Irish music

Often when we think of Ireland, we instantly think of a pint of stout and some wonderful traditional Irish music.  Well, for lovers of a drink and music, Cork is certainly a place worth visiting.  Cork is home of Ireland’s longest serving brewery Beamish and Crawford, so enjoy a pint of the brewery’s flagship stout, Beamish when you visit Cork.  With a vibrant nightlife and endless music sessions throughout many of Cork’s pubs, you’ll never be stuck for entertainment.  South Main Street has some great bars and is home to An Spailpin Fánac which is great for traditional music and well worth enjoying a tipple in.


5. Watch the whales go by

Have you ever wanted to come face to face with the world’s largest creature?  A trip to Cork is about much more than great food, drink and music; you can also enjoy the memorable and magical experience of watching whales in their natural habitat.  When you think of whale watching, there’s a fair chance Ireland is nowhere near the top of your list, but a trip to Cork will provide you with an affordable opportunity to access truly world class whale watching – an experience that will stay with you forever.  West Cork attracts minke, fin and humpback whales to its rich waters every year, so get yourself along to Cork and enjoy the increasingly popular whale watching tours.

Numerous visits of Kim and Kanye throughout Ireland

Cork is not the only place that Kim and Kanye have visited on their honeymoon getaway to Ireland.  There have been numerous rumoured sightings of the happy couple in Portlaoise and Limerick, as they take in the natural beauty and surprising decent weather that Ireland currently has to offer.  I wonder if this trip will inspire Kanye to switch from hip-hop to traditional Irish music for his next album.  I guess only time will tell.