How to choose the right scent for your car

Your house may be pristine and smell beautiful, you yourself might wear some of the most elegant perfume available but do you have a car scent that can match your high standards? We’ve all been in a car at one point in time which had an odour that we never ever wish to experience again, of course a good cleaning is the ultimate solution but a good car freshener can do the job for you.


Every morning most of us will get into our cars and commute to work, I know that if we had the right car scent greeting us when we open the door in the morning that the commute would be so much better and would get the day off to a much better start. Travel Candles/Car Scents are some of the most popular solutions for getting rid of any bad odours that you may have in your car right now, I strongly recommend that you invest in one today!

You are able to get air fresheners in all different shapes and sizes, you can even get ones that have been branded with the kit of your favourite football team! Which ever one you choose you need to make sure that it has a scent that you love, do not go for an overpowering scent that people comment on as being too strong. You should have a scent in your car that is subtle and matches your personality, there are so many options on the market these days that it is impossible for you to go wrong.

You should also consider how you want to use the freshener, will it be placed somewhere in your car? Hanging from the rear view mirror? or attached to one of the air vents? If you are not using the air con or fans too much then obviously having it connected to the air vent will be of little use for you and a car scent that sits by itself in the dashboard (or other area) might be the best solution for you.

Which ever one you choose always remember to have one that you will love smelling in the morning and will wake you up before that busy day at work! Don’t be too concerned about making the wrong decision, sometimes trial and error is the best way forward. It is easy to replace a scent for your car.