Travel Tips for Travelling in Antarctica

Have you ever wanted to travel the road less traveled, but have often wondered where this may be? A truly unique experience is to take an Antarctica Cruise, which is something that is truly unique and is something that most people would never even dream of. Here is your short but sweet guide to Antarctica Travel, so read on to find out a little bit more about how to plan and what Antarctica has to offer.

When to travel

Visiting Antarctica is not possible at every time of the year and the best time is naturally in the summer when the weather is much better and this summer season runs from November to March (it’s in the Southern Hemisphere!). The best time to go is usually from December to February, and this is due to the better accessibility through the ice during these times. Penguins nest building and mating occurs in November, so it is a great time to take pictures if you are an avid photographer.

How to travel

As we mentioned above, taking a cruise ship is the perfect way to experience Antarctica. It is important to remember that this is not simply one of those popular destinations where you will be able to organise everything yourself. Many cruise ships will offer Zodiac tours, which are small personalised excursions in small boats that usually have less than 10 people. This is the perfect way to explore some of the unseen corners that you may not get to experience otherwise. It is best to pick a cruise ship that will suit your needs, so make sure that you take this into account when finding the best one for you.

What to take with you

Don’t let the “summer” season lure you into a false sense of security, you will absolutely need warm clothing (it is the end of the earth remember). It is much better to layer than bring overly warm jackets, this will mean that you can easily take one off or put one on if you are feeling too warm or too cold. It is also important to bring waterproof boots with grippy soles (for the ice) and also some sunglasses to prevent snow blindness. If you like to take photos, you should without a doubt bring your camera, because it is very likely that you will be taking the best photographs of your life.

What to see

Of course the number one thing to do is to experience the rugged landscape, but in November it can be a little more difficult to navigate around due to the thicker ice and shorter days, especially because the winter is just beginning to fade and the summer is about to begin. During December, the baby penguins will begin to hatch and in January it is possible to see the mass feeding frenzy that occurs. After this feeding frenzy the colonies are full and very busy during February and this can be a good time to watch the fascinating penguins. Between February and early March it is a good time to see fur seals and also whales.

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