A Relaxing and Invigorating Local Vacation


Nothing quite beats the excitement and relaxation which accompanies a journey to a far away destination, and while your imagination may be able to dream about some big possibilities, your budget may be looking for something smaller. If you’re in desperate need of a vacation to rest, relax and gather your thoughts but your budget just won’t allow it, we’ve compiled a few great ways for you to enjoy an invigorating yet local vacation.

If Solitude Is What You’re Looking For
Apart from the exciting destinations and cultural immersion, what I love most about traveling is the feeling of isolation. Nothing makes you feel like you’re all alone than traveling in a place where nobody knows who you are. If you’re looking for a similar feeling, camping could provide just the experience. Even if just for a few days, find a remote camping location, pack yourself enough supplies to keep you going and enjoy the time to yourself. The sense of isolation which camping provides is a great way to realign your sense of being.

Return a New Person
Traveling abroad provides many opportunities to indulge in foreign cultures, including foreign fashions, often resulting in you returning with a fresh new look. If you enjoy this experience but can’t travel abroad, you’re in luck. Take some time to do some shopping, get your hair colored and cut and rejuvenate your image. If you’re looking for a fresh new face, a quick visit to a Los Angeles Day Spa can remove some of the travel lines your skin may have accumulated during your more adventurous journeys.

Do Nothing. Absolutely Nothing.
Not all vacations have to be adventures, and not all of them require any or much effort at all. Instead of visiting a beach on a Mediterranean island, swap it for a beach closer to home. Find yourself a well priced, clean and basic hotel room close to a beach, pack a case full of books and some music and laze your vacation away on the sand. Packing a picnic lunch the morning before you leave your hotel is a great way to ensure your feet never have to leave the beach the entire day.

Just because your budget doesn’t let you travel far doesn’t mean that you can’t get the same benefits. If you’re feeling the need to escape, consider traveling locally and enjoying similar benefits at a fraction of the cost.