What to Take on the Aeroplane With You


There’s nothing quite like the excitement that comes before travel – hunting for the best flight prices, booking a great hotel and doing your best to leave enough room in your luggage to bring back gifts. However, the one thing that most travelers dread is their carry-on luggage. What to take, and to not take with them on the aeroplane. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right blog!


What Are You Going to Do on the Plane

Whether you’re flying for a few hours or about to embark on a long haul flight, keeping yourself occupied is vital to maintaining your sanity during a flight. Before you leave, load up your cell phone or tablet with ebooks or some puzzle games that can keep your brain active and off the thought of the flight. A tip that I learned after it was too late – make sure that any books or puzzles you load up can work offline and don’t require an internet connection to activate…otherwise you’re stuck listening to your fellow passenger retell their life story.


Stay Well Fed

Some airlines are really good at keeping your fed and hydrated during the flight, whereas others…aren’t. The key to staying well fed is to think ahead. Think bite-sized foods that are easy to pack and even easier to eat like candy or cookies. If baking isn’t your thing, order a pre-prepared box from a bakery like Cheryls that can provide you with a mixed box of goodies to keep your stomach and your brain happy during the flight.


How Do I Look?

This should be the last question that you ask yourself during your flight, however if you absolutely must look your best while you fly, resist the temptation to take your entire makeup kit or beauty routine with you. In fact, pack all of your regular items into your checked luggage and head to your local health and beauty store for some purpose designed travel sized products. Not only are these a great way to keep your carry-on luggage down, their packaging is often compliant with travel authorities, removing the risk that you might get stuck on the aeroplane with…gasp…nothing!


Flying can be a great experience for some, and for others it just isn’t their thing – however what everybody can agree on is that travel is an amazing experience with a lot to offer. The next time you fly, take these tips with you so that you can look forward to a smooth and well fed flight. And remember, if you missed your flight through no fault of your own, you can Click now to check if you can claim.