Travel tips: Greece

With a rich history that dates back to Paleolithic and Neolithic times, some of the best beaches on this side of the planet and a sundry of mouthwatering dishes, it comes to no surprise that Greece is one of the most favored holiday destinations.  So whether you’re into a bit of history, a foodie like me or you just want to relax and bask on a beach in peace and quiet, Greece can offer you all this and more.  Here are a few tips on what to look out for on your next trip to the land of the gods, myth and modern democracy.

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For a bit of History.

The moment you get to Athens you cannot miss the Acropolis, standing tall like a sentinel over the whole city.  Greece is adorned by a spectacular number of monuments and ruins both above ground and underwater, so much so that it can keep any history buff occupied for more than one lifetime.  Why not check out the Delphi Theatre, the Agora or the Byzantine monasteries for a start.  Most of the museums here are really inexpensive to visit or even free on certain days.


The Cuisine

The Greeks really know how to cook, so leave your burgers and fast food at home, end of story. Apart from that the portions are usually quite abundant so don’t be scared, you won’t get hungry here.  Did we mention the price? Well you’ll pay much less for a really nice meal in a Taverna than you would in a fast-food chain back home and the best part is that most of what is on offer is generally quite healthy so don’t worry about gaining a few pounds whilst you’re on holiday.  Greece is also blessed by eternal sunshine, therefore the produce here is somewhat of a superior quality, that includes the grapes and yes you guessed right, the wine is OH my God! Some of the more popular winemaking regions have a history and culture that dates back more than 600 years so if that isn’t enough to perfect a craft I don’t know what is.


Away from the mainland

The Greek mainland is surrounded by more than 150 inhabited islands.  Try and plan a visit to a few of these.  These islands are mainly accessible by charter boats but you can also reach them by plane or seaplane, depending on how much time you have allocated and what your preferences are.  The volcanic island of Santorini, and the party islands of Crete and Mykonos, are fascinating and possess a wealth of breathtaking views, idyllic beaches, restaurants, and luxurious accomodations.


The Greek Markets

The Monastiraki flea market in Athens is one of the best ways to get a taste of the locals and what they have to offer.  Don’t be afraid to haggle with them if you find something that you like, the Greeks love a little challenge. In general the Greeks are a hospitable and friendly nation, easy to deal with and talk to.  If you’re up for a little more mingling with the locals why don’t you head down to a local tavern?  Depending on the location you’re in you might even get a chance meeting with some local musicians, so let yourself go and indulge.  The Greeks like to live their life in an easy fashion and have a general laidback attitude so sit back and enjoy the ride.