Top 3 things to see in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory and is located at the entrance of the Mediterranean. Towering above all the Andalusian countryside is the amazing Rock of Gibraltar. It is quite a magnificent sight! It is even visible from the Northern coast of Morocco and even from the Costa del Sol, which is pretty impressive. If you ever get the chance to visit, you won’t be sorry. Monarch flights to Gibraltar are generally easy to obtain, and Gibraltar is definitely worth the time (and hassle) of getting through border-control. It is full of so much wonder and experience that you really won’t want to miss.

Here are the top 3 things you should see in Gibraltar:

1.) St. Michael’s Caves

These caves have a height of more than 300 meters above sea level and is full of legend. It was once thought that The Cathedral Cave stretched down for forever and sometimes the actual caverns were known as the ‘Gates to Hades.’ These caves were created by rainwater hollowing out the limestone over thousands of years. They are absolutely magnificent and are a must see!

2.) Moorish Castle

Castles are awesome, and this castle was built so long ago, way back in 1068. It was damaged a lot by the Spanish 200 years later, and built up again in the 14th century. One of the most recognizable features of the lovely Gibraltar is the Castle’s sight with the Union flag billowing in the wind, high in the sky. This is too magnificent to miss!

3.) Monkeys

One of the old world monkey species, the tailless Barbary macaques, are some of the most famous inhabitants here in Gibraltar. Monkeys are fun in general, so being in a different country, while meeting some fun and furry friends can be lots of fun! They are the only free-living primates that are in Europe, without counting us of course! They attract many visitors, but are still wild animals, so take caution when nearby. They like to play with each other, bite, eat, and do their own thing. When they aren’t being active they like to take some rest time. One of the best places to see them, without getting too close to comfort, is on the Rock, which you can get to by taxi or cable car.

With so many stunning sights and views, there are many more options out there for what to see in Gibraltar. These are just a few to get started with. As always, take the path less traveled once in a while for a more unique experience. Try to see as much as possible, but don’t over do it. You can always come back! You won’t be sorry for going out and experiencing this hidden gem of a travel spot.