Where to go fishing in Florida


Visitors from all over the world flock to Florida for many reasons, not least of which are its gorgeous beaches and fabulous climate. After all, anywhere which is officially known as the Sunshine State is likely to attract a fair amount of tourism! Add in attractions such as Disney World and Sea World, and it is not difficult to see why the majority of visits are made to the state. Some tourists, however, arrive primarily because Florida is one of the best locations for fishing enthusiasts anywhere in the world. Whether its freshwater or saltwater fishing that is being sought, from a boat or based on land, the state has something excellent to offer.
fishing in florida
For those looking for freshwater fishing, there are few better locations in the continental United States than Lake Okeechobee. Used for some of the most prestigious fishing tournaments in the world, it is considered to be the premier bass fishing lake in the state. Regular guided boat tours are available, and often allow visitors to locate the best fishing spots with a minimum of fuss. If you are more of an independent adventurer, however, you can also rent a wide range of boats to navigate and moor yourself. At almost 750 square miles it is half the size of the state of Rhode Island, and all of it is full of great fishing.

Of course, many fishing enthusiasts will want to combine their pursuits with something which will be more attractive to children and partners. Believe it or not, the freshwater fishing at Disney World is excellent! The main bodies of water near to the resort, known as Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake, are absolutely teeming with largemouth bass and can be accessed through guided boat trips whilst the rest of the family takes in the attractions of Mickey Mouse and friends. Whilst private fishing is not allowed in the main lakes, tourists can also rent their own boats if sticking to the waterways around Fort Wilderness RV Resort, or even try fishing from a canoe.

If saltwater fishing is more suited to your interests, then Florida can also offer excellent pier-based and boat-based facilities. Key West is of course a world-famous region for such pursuits, and the range of fish to be caught here is almost limitless. I love that there are so many campgrounds and RV parks in the Key West area. The most popular species include bonefish, tuna, sailfish, and even marlin and sharks. Bayport Park, located north of New Port Richey, is also a fantastic spot for sea fishing, with red grouper and Spanish mackerel grouping in the waters five to eight miles offshore. Alternatively, for those who suffer from seasickness the Skyway Fishing Pier State Park is the place to be. Located at the mouth of Tampa Bay on one of the most productive fishing spots in the state, it provides access to almost every species of fish that swims in the Gulf of Mexico.

For the fishing enthusiast then, there is no doubt that the state is amongst the best locations in the world to visit. It’s difficult to escape the fact, however, that many of the best fishing locations can only be reached by private transport, and that trying to carry fishing tackle on the bus or in a taxi is a recipe for disaster. This is where car hire Florida style comes in handy. As might be expected in the automotive centre of the world, rental cars in the US come in all shapes and sizes, and outlets abound throughout the state. Whatever transport you require, a quick hire will be available. Great fishing awaits!