Top 7 Things to Do in Central America

The relatively small region of Central America is absolutely packed with incredible activities involving the region’s beautiful natural environment. From Mayan pyramids to pristine beaches, wild jungle and a whole array of plants and animals found nowhere else in the world, it’s a paradise vacation you’ll never want to leave. Here are 7 of the top things to do:

 blue hole

Scuba Diving in Belize’s Great Blue Hole

This super diving destination is one of the deepest limestone ocean caves in the world, for confident divers only! Beginners can enjoy the surrounding areas, or even just take a boat out to the Blue Hole to experience the awe of this massive natural wonder.

Hike Around Costa Rica’s Arenal Volcano

The Arenal Volcano and surrounding National Park is one of the best places to experience the biodiversity and natural wonder of Central America. Book accommodations with Costa Rica rentals and set off to explore waterfalls, lush jungle and plenty of activities like hiking, climbing and rappelling down waterfalls.


Explore the Mayan Ruins in Guatemala

Trekking through the ancient Mayan civilization in Guatemala is bound to be an unforgettable experience. Book a trek that will take you to see the impressive ancient structure by boat, then you’ll ride a pack mule to camp at the ruins and see the Tikal step pyramid.


Cruise the Panama Canal

To experience this famous canal firsthand, take the Panama Canal Parital Transit Sightseeing Cruise, which will take you through the Panama Canal locks, one of the most major feats of engineering in the 20th century. You can also opt to view the canal from one of the many platforms or hiking trails along its length.


Raft down the Rio Cangrejal River in Honduras

Water adventure sports your thing? The Rio Cangrejal is one of the best places in all of Central America to hit the rapids. There are rapids for all skill levels, so pick your class and grab a paddle. You can learn the basics in a class or just go with a guided group to experience the thrill of the rapids and see some beautiful scenery during the calm bits.

el sal

Ride Along the Ruta de las Flores in El Salvador

This famous 36-km long road is named for the burst of wildflowers that appear along its edges every winter. A rickety bus will drive you through the countryside, and you can stop to explore quaint colonial villages or enjoy a hike or horseback ride before continuing on.