Tips for Visiting Stonehenge

Located around 90 miles from London, Stonehenge is a world famous site shrouded in ancient mystery. No one knows for sure exactly why or when Stonehenge was built, which is what makes it so intriguing to visit. If you’re visiting London, Stonehenge is an easy day trip and definitely a sight not to be missed. Here are some tips for a comfortable trip to this historical and mysterious site:


Take a Tour

The easiest way to get to Stonehenge is by a guided tour. Stonehenge tours from London leave every day at many times, so your only problem will be picking between the many available companies. What’s more, it’s no more expensive to go with Stonehenge tours than it is to take the trip on your own- and saves you the hassle of figuring out the logistics of how to get there. You’ll have the added bonus of an experienced guide to tell you about what you’re seeing.

Arrive Early

Again, this is a highly popular attraction in England so if you want your photos to be clear of the tourist crowd, try to arrive before 10 am when the majority of tour buses begin to arrive.


Get an Audio Guide

Whether you opt for a full guided tour package or not, audio guides at Stonehenge are free and very helpful for providing info about the ancient wonders. Much of the information about Stonehenge is hypothetical, but it’s great to have a tour in the palm of your hand.

Special Access Visit

If you visit Stonehenge during normal opening hours, you can’t actually walk right up to the stones. The monument is roped off about 10 meters away from the stones themselves. But you can visit outside of normal opening hours (either at dawn or evening) with a Special Access Pass, only granted to 26 people at a time. With this pass, you can go beyond the normal barriers and walk amidst the stones. But be prepared and plan ahead- these special passes are highly popular, and often sell out months in advance.


Do More While You’re There

Stonehenge is definitely a must-see in England, but you might be disappointed if you expect it to hold your attention for the full day. You can pair your visit with a bus tour somewhere nearby like Cotswolds, to make the experience of traveling into this gorgeous countryside even more worthwhile.