Parking at The Airport – Not as Expensive As You Might Think

Are you heading off on holidays soon, but are thinking of leaving the car at home, as airport parking is just too pricey? It may not be as expensive as you think.

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You may be surprised to learn that parking at the airport could work out to cost you less than the price that using public transport to actually get to the airport would. So, you can travel to the airport, in the comfort of your own vehicle, and will not be bound by schedules set by the train or bus companies.

If flying out of Bristol, parking Bristol Airport is very affordable, with prices available to suit almost any budget. So, whether you are looking to use the airport for short, medium or long term stays, you will find prices that are agreeable to you, in a fully secured Park Mark awarded car park.

If you depart on your journey from Birmingham, parking Birmingham Airport is also going to be very cost effective. Birmingham’s airport car park is also a Park Mark award winner for it’s security, so you can have peace of mind leaving your car here. There are packages available also, which are worth looking into for medium or long term stays, and your space is guaranteed when you book, so that is one less thing you need to worry about, heading off on your travels!

So as you can see from above, airport parking is a great idea when it comes to travelling to the airport. Many of the airport car parks these days are very secure, using 24 CCTV surveillance systems, and some have won the prestigious Park Mark award, which is granted by the Association of Chief Police Officers, for their efforts in ensuring that the safety of your vehicle is paramount.

There are parking options available to suit most budgets and vehicle owners.

Even if you are just setting down a passenger, or picking up a relative from the airport, you can be catered for. A little research online will show you that this is a good option for drop offs or pick ups, as many of the car parks are within walking distance of the terminal buildings.

So, there are plenty of pros, and not so many cons when it comes to parking in the airport. You can head away on your vacation, safe in the knowledge that your vehicle is in the very best of hands.