Keep Your Motorhome in Pristine Condition During Winter

Your lovely motorhome is sitting out there over the winter season, and unless you look after it, then it will get sick and cause you a lot of potential trouble.

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The harsh weather can have severe effects on parts like the vents that bring in air, batteries and the drainage system.

By following the below tips and advice, your motorhome should be adequately protected against the elements over the winter months.

Take the motorhome out for a drive

This will keep the batteries charged and inject some life into the engine. The last thing you want is to leave it stagnant for months on end.

Put the refrigerator in safe mode

Empty the contents and then defrost the freezer. No mould growth will occur if you do this. It’s also a good idea to put baking soda in various spots in the refrigerator to prevent a build up of moisture.

Keep the roof vents in good condition

The roof vents can become smelly over the winter months, so it’s best to check them during the harsh weather. They will ultimately need to be replaced at some point, but after a tough winter, they could need a revamp.

Check doors, locks and windows periodically 

You definitely need to check that all the doors and windows are adequately locked if you don’t plan on using the motorhome during the winter. Make certain that no electricity supply is left on. Comfort Insurance are a company that provides an excellent service for those of you looking to take out insurance on your motorhome.

Power up appliances

This will ensure that electronics don’t become affected by moisture during long periods of inactivity.

A coat of Wax  

After a good long wash of the exterior of your motorhome, a good idea is to apply a layer of suitable wax. Make sure all dirt is removed fully though first. The layer of wax will provide a barrier against the cold and moisture. In the long run, this will help keep the paint work in tip top shape.

Don’t leave clothes lying around 

If you do, then they will become damaged from mildew and a disgusting smell will also be present. This happens because they is no heat and very little circulation of air inside your motorhome.

At the end of the day, you’ve spent good money on your motorhome in the first place, so your should protect it against the elements by following the advice given above. If you do, then you’ll not spend as much money repairing it over the years.