5 Types of Travelers Who NEED To Go To Malta

Every travel destination boasts its own unique merits, just as each traveler has their favorite kinds of trips. However, there are certain spots where you can hit the jackpot and experience a truly eclectic range of attractions.

Malta is one of those places. Its small size and isolated location means that this tiny archipelago is saturated with good times for all who visit. If you’re worried the destination won’t meet your needs, then check out this list of the types of people who have to visit the islands.

1. Photographers


It can stun visitors over and over again with just how stunning this paradise can be. It’s natural geographical beauty and Mediterranean climate makes almost every hill and valley a picture perfect opportunity.

Particularly on the island of Gozo, the unique formations of arches and caves make for a landscape photographer’s ideal trip! There are also hikes across all of the country that offer perfect views of the cliffs and coastline that anyone would dream to shoot.


  1. Foodies
    Maltese cuisine isn’t that well-known on the world stage. However, the foods on the islands are a delicious and incredibly well-kept secret. The local diet is both rustic and seasonal, ensuring all guests an authentic taste no matter what they try.

    In winter, the hot rabbit stews and fish pies are a hearty and mouthwatering way to warm up from the cold weather. The summer brings a more Mediterranean influence to the cuisine through salads, soups and the famed cheese stuffed pastries – named kannoli.


  1. History Buffs

    Many will be surprised to hear that Malta is one of the most historically diverse and fascinating countries in the world. Due to its strategic military position between Africa & Europe, invaders have laid claim to its lands continuously.

    Now, Malta is home to some of the most impressive Neolithic ruins in the world. There are remnants from Phoenician, Roman, Moorish and Norman invasions. The Order of St. John called the country their home and the island’s role in WWII was so notable that a museum now stands to document its importance.


  1. Beach Lovers

If you prefer to take your vacations with a little less education and a bit more relaxation, then this is still the idea vacation spot for you. As an archipelago, much of Malta’s coastline is long stretches of sandy beach.

The Golden Bay is an incredibly popular spot on the north of the mainland. It’s situated next to the Radisson beach resort, but there are plenty of independent companies who offer loungers, cocktails and food. If you’re looking for a more unique experience, the Blue Lagoon is a giant stretch of calm waters, which is perfect for swimmers.


  1. Luxury Travelers

    Malta may not be known as a typical luxury destination, but its vast selection of beach resorts can offer the most high-class vacation options for those who desire them. You can chose from a wide range of beautiful rooms, with views stretching out over the Mediterranean Sea.

    Alongside private access to the beaches, ensuring you don’t have to deal with overcrowding, many of the resorts have additional features on offer. There are sleek bars and 5* restaurants, as well as numerous spa complexes. You can enjoy a massage, steam room and sauna or work out in the fully air-conditioned gyms.

    The time is coming to start booking your holiday for this summer. Although there are endless fantastic options to choose from, I sincerely hope you consider visiting the beautiful paradise of Malta – no matter what kind of traveler you are!