5 reasons to explore Hawaii on a cruise

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Hawaii is a great holiday destination no matter how you get there but, more and more, people are getting interested in cruising around these incredible, volcanic islands. The reasons for this are multiple, but we’ve picked the top 5 reasons to pack your bags and head to Hawaii.

Hassle-free travel

The biggest benefit of exploring Hawaii on a cruise is how easy it is. See all of the Hawaiian Islands from what feels like the one spot! A cruise can carry you from Oahu to Maui, Hawai’i, Kauai, and back again, without you needing to check in and out of hotels or arrange flights or hire cars in each place. Simply board the ship in one port, unpack, and sit back ready to explore!

Picturesque and diverse

The second reason to cruise around Hawaii is Hawaii itself. This group of American islands is beautiful in so many ways, that you’ll never get bored with what you can see from the deck! From populated and touristy Honolulu, to the luscious, tropical “Garden Island” of Nawiliwili, and all of the variations in between, Hawaii is as diverse as it is separated. Head to MyCruises.com.au to view all the Hawaiian destinations you can reach on a cruise!

Unique vantage point

Cruising allows you to see your destination before you arrive in it. Unlike flying, you can really take each looming island in. See volcanoes as the command their spot on the land and stretch up toward the sky, and see beautiful beaches on your horizon as you cruise through clear seas. Cruising is a truly unique experience and one which will present a whole new perspective of Hawaii!

Pride of America

The Pride of America will really enhance your Hawaiian cruise experience. This ship differs from most cruise ships as it doesn’t hire the same sort of seasonal crew. You must be American to work on the Pride of America and so, although it is a premium member of the Norwegian Cruise Lines fleet, it provides an authentic experience of the Hawaiian Islands with all native staff.

The Pride of America has recently had a makeover. It now features a range of refined service upgrades and is, overall, trendy and modern in appearance. Another added bonus of the Pride is that it is one of the only ships that offers a late check out option. Cruise check out times are usually around 8am, with all dining and packing needing to be finalised before then. Linger a bit longer on the Pride and check out at 10:30 or 11am!

Bonus extras

If you choose to cruise around the Hawaiian Islands on one of the Pride of America packages available at www.mycruises.com.au, you’ll experience a range of bonuses before and after your cruise. Enjoy viewing Hawaii from the hassle-free vantage point of your ship, then stay on to experience more of the picturesque, diverse location with 3 night’s accommodation in Honolulu. You’ll also receive free flights, room upgrades, dining packages and more, so you can really enjoy your time in Hawaii!

Head over to mycruises.com.au, take a look at the Hawaiian Cruises on offer on the Hot Deals or Ocean Cruises pages, and then contact a My Cruises consultant to find out more or book! Simple!