4 Amazing Things To Do In Antarctica


So you want to travel to Antarctica? When you are taking a cruise to Antarctica you might be wondering what exactly is in store for you on the other side, the answer is that there is so much to do that it couldn’t ever possibly fit into a blog. Here is just a taste of some of the things that you can in the mystical frozen continent that we know as Antarctica.

Get up and personal with the icebergs

Kayaking in the Antarctic sea is a great way to experience the Antarctica land and seascapes. Not only do you get to navigate the huge icebergs, but you can get a much closer look at them. Closer than any cruise ship would dare to go and there is absolutely no noise too, which means you can enjoy the beauty in peace. These majestic ice formations are something to marvel at. An added bonus is that icebergs tend to hide things behind them and this usually means wildlife, for example I saw seals relaxing behind an iceberg. It was a great site, but something you would never see from your cruise ship.


One of the best things about a cruise to Antarctica is the unique wildlife that finds its way there during the summer months. Strangely enough, the whales, seals, penguins and other birds find their way there during the summer months. Of course the weather is extremely harsh during the winter and not many of these creatures could possibly survive such conditions. The male emperor penguin is in fact the only one that actually does this! The wildlife has a calmness too that I have not seen from animals anywhere else on the planet. Rather than being afraid of humans they are very friendly and this is because there are no predators in Antarctica. The wildlife is truly one of the most fascinating parts of being in Antarctica. My tip is to bring your binoculars so that you don’t miss a thing.

Go camping

It sounds like a strange place to camp, but whilst you are on Antarctica you might as well sleep on the continent. The sky is clear and you can see the stars uninhibited by the light pollution that we often see in the cities. This is a must if you get the chance, because not many people can say that they have slept on Antarctica. Although there are a number of visitors each year, many cruise ships do not actually allow people to leave the ship. This is the ultimate bragging right, so take it if you get the chance.

Take photos

When you are in such a unique place you can certainly pass the time by taking thousands and thousands of photos of the most stunning landscape. Think about all the mountains, deep blue ice everywhere, glaciers and the wildlife. You should definitely get a good camera for your trip, extra batteries and extra memory cards. You are definitely going to need these and you will have pictures that you can cherish for the rest of your life!