Winter Activity Holidays

There are many different types of winter activity holidays available throughout the world and depending on where you want to go, you can experience a multitude of activities such as seeing the Northern Lights, snowboarding, dog sledding or go ice fishing! Here a a few countries that offer great winter activity holidays.

New Zealand

The South Island of New Zealand is one of the greatest winter destinations on the planet. The Southern Alps host some great skiing and snowboarding runs for enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels. There is also the option to do some extreme activities such as Bungy jumping, Skydiving and Paragliding.

There are winter festivals featuring local and international acts during the winter season and these festivals draw massive crowds from across the country.

The most popular spots to join in the winter fun are Queenstown, MacKenzie region, Marlborough, Mt. Hutt and Ruapehu.



If you are thinking of planning a trip to Finland, Sweden or Norway you can partake in activities such as visit an Aurora workshop, go ice fishing, check out the Sami Siida Museum, reindeer farms, dog sledding and of course witness the biggest attraction – The Northern Lights.

In Finland,  places such as Saariselka, Oulanka National Park and Kilpisjarvi are popular spots to go for winter activity holidays and witness the Aurora borealis.


Sweden’s‘ Abisko National Park feature spectacular views of the Northern Lights and features many unique winter experiences.

Norway has surreal fjordland cruises to take you out in to the wilderness and experience nature at its best.

Characteristic of these regions include views of the solar maximum, skiing, husky safaris, igloo huts, ice hotels and much more.


Canada is an expansive country with many famous winter resorts to keep you active and entertained. Whistler, Banff and Mt. Tremblant are the most popular ski resorts due to their world class runs that will have you looking forward to the apres-ski party, hot chocolate and mulled wine after a hard day on the slopes.


Popular off-piste activities include  dog-sledding, husky safaris, bears sighting, fishing, white water rafting and Canada boasts some of the world’s biggest and best winter festivals.

It is also possible to see the Northern Lights in places such as Yukon, which is away from the bright lights of the popular resorts.


Alaska possesses a unique and isolated beauty like no other, but with a harsh and desolate landscape. Winter activity holidays here are as rustic and hardcore as you can get. Places like Fairbanks offer excursions like husky safaris, igloo stays, meeting with natives and hunting. The book ‘On the Road’ sealed Alaska as a classic nomad destination, both wild and beautiful.




Winter activity holidays in Chile are filled with fun filled days guaranteed to have you jumping out of bed in the morning! The Andes mountains are home to plenty of good runs for snowboarders and skiers, as well as quaint local towns and villages typical of the region.

Kayaking, hiking, fishing and visiting the National Parks such as Torres del Paine and Laguna San Rafael are things wo do while in Chile and will give you a chance to see one of the most ancient forests in the world – the Valdivian in Southern Chile-from a unique and different perspective. Find out more.