Top 5 Attractions of Copenhagen

Copenhagen stands out as one of the oldest and most fantastic cities in Northern Europe. It is also considered to be one of the tidiest and most metropolitan cities in the Scandinavian Peninsular. The dynamic Danish capital is home to some of Denmark’s most impressive palaces, stunning beaches, luxurious resorts, amusements parks, historical landmarks, and old museums, and business travellers. As a leisure or business traveller, you can always visit the vibrant city during any time of the year. Flights to Copenhagen are not only readily available, but also very affordable. To get very memorable experiences while in Copenhagen, you should visit the following impressive places:


Tivoli Gardens

1. Tivoli Gardens
One of the best things to do in Copenhagen with your family or friends is to go to the this wonderful amusement park. Founded in the year 1843, it stands out as one of the oldest and most famous amusement parks in Northern Europe. Tivoli is not only famous for its creative layout, but also for its beautiful flower gardens and fascinating activities. The park offers a number of roller coasters, magic carpet rides, a drop ride, and scrambled egg rides. It also offers a creative playground for children, numerous shops, boats on a lake, and a luxurious Japanese restaurant called Wagamama.

2. Amalienborg Palace
The Amalienborg Palace complex is the official winter residence of the Danish Royal Family. The palace comprises of four identical palace façades designed with impressive rococo interiors around a large octagonal courtyard. Standing gracefully in the centre of the palace is a life-size equestrian statue of King Frederick V, the original founder of Amalienborg. Ever since it was established in the year 1973, the palace has served as a residence for many different royal families.

3. Round Tower
The Round Tower is a magnificent 17th century tower found in Strøget, central Copenhagen. It is located a few kilometres from the Copenhagen International Airport, meaning that you can easily reach it by taking direct flights to Copenhagen from London. The tower is one of the numerous architectural projects constructed by King Christian IV in the 17th century. It was built to serve as the kingdom’s astronomical observatory. Standing at an amazing height of about 300 metres, the Round Tower offers stunning views of a large area of Copenhagen City and some parts of the neighbouring country, Sweden. The tower also houses the Library Hall that serves as a music venue and exhibition space for admirable Danish history, artefacts, and culture.

4. Church of Our Lady
The Church of Our Lady serves both as the National Cathedral of Denmark and Copenhagen’s cathedral. The cathedral is found in Vor Frue Plads, just a few metres away from the University of Copenhagen and Gammeltorv (Old Market). The building’s beauty is clearly defined by its neoclassical architectural design. Measuring about 85 metres in height and 35 metres in width, the church is capable of seating more than 1,000 people at a single service. The interior is decorated with mosaic-tiled floor, numerous colourful lights, painted walls, white ceilings, and bronze statues of Jesus Christ and his twelve disciples. The church’s tower stands at a height of about 65 metres and contains four big bells.

5. Statens Museum for Kunst
Statens Museum for Kunst, also known as the National Gallery of Denmark, is the largest, finest and most visited art museum in Denmark. The museum houses a huge collection of international and Danish pieces of art from the past eighteen centuries. It also offers contemporary art exhibitions in its X-room. In addition, it provides thrilling concerts, educational workshops for children, and guided tours.