The 3 Realms of UAE

For those looking for grandeur and a larger than life experience, UAE is the place to visit. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are two flashy cities of UAE that have grabbed the world’s attention for reasons more than one. Sea plane tour treats you with the best sights of Abu Dhabi and balloon ride in Dubai enables you to capture the scenic beauty of these cities. For those looking for a gush of adventure, sky diving at Dubai can offer the absolute moment of insanity and fun. Rent a car from the airport to Emirates Palace which serves royalty and elegance like no other place. The rooms and suites here deliver the ultimate experience marked with excess and opulence. The Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi offers an insight of speed, passion, and all things excellent. The place has the fastest roller coaster of the world. Passion for cars is best explored at Dubai Autodrome which gets hearts racing with its world class motorsport events.