Natural Treks in Costa Rica

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAOf all the activities on offer in Costa Rica, the most unique is the opportunity to trek deep into well-protected general and see wildlife that is not found anywhere else. Eco-tourism is a well-developed industry across the country, and with so many amazing national parks to explore, this sort of travel is endlessly fascinating.

Nature Treks in Costa Rica 1Trips vary widely in length and difficulty. Many high-end resorts border protected zones and have small, paved paths winding through their adjacent forests for those with kids, disabilities, or an aversion to being away from their hotel too late. These are generally easy, but still allow for a surprising amount of wildlife watching, as monkeys, toucans, and large lizards are very common. On the other end of the spectrum, multi-day trips go deep into the high altitude jungles in search of leopards and other rare animals. Many of these trips follow the courses of rivers and reach secluded waterfalls perfect for cooling off in. There are even hot springs located around the country, some of which can only be reached by strenuous hikes (which makes the soak afterwards that much more rewarding). Finding yourself on a small guided tour deep in the rain forest is a once in a lifetime experience.

Nature Treks in Costa Rica 3It doesn’t all have to be about going into the jungle, either. Trips to Arenal Volcano give the best opportunity for visitors to see active magma and lava flows, but the lesser-known (and therefore less touristic) mountains of Irazú and Poás can also be hotspots. Alternatively, float down a river for an afternoon, or even on a several-day camping trip. Whether you’re into hardcore whitewater rafting, complete with top class rapids and drenching falls, or lazy lounging while a boatman paddles you through the canals, you can find what you’re looking for. The mangroves of Damas near Manuel Antonio and the protected wetlands of Caño Negro are good options for the latter, and whitewater trips can be found all over the country. Of course, you’ll inevitably end up at the beach, where you can engage in surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, or just suntanning the days away. You can find accommodation for all budgets at Costa Rica rentals that will satisfy and relax you after your adventuring is through.

Any place you visit in this small but rewarding country will be fun and exciting. Costa Rica is a traveler’s paradise, and it’s obvious why it has become the capital of Latin American tourism. But the nicest thing about it is that following this tips to get deeper into nature can help you escape the crowds, and get the best feel possible for this one-of-a-kind place.