Barbados – A Brief History Lesson

Barbados is a spectacular island that is located near the northern coast of Venezuela, which is in the southern part of the Caribbean sea.


The first recorded people that lived on the island were the Amerindians which came around the 4th and 7th centuries A.D. The Kalinago then visited from South America in the 13th century, followed by the Portuguese and Spanish in the 16th and 17th century. The British were the next to arrive in the 1600’s, and they ruled until it was declared an independent state in 1966.

The island of Barbados is world renowned, and its world famous beaches provide visitors with some of the most pristine waters on the planet. Some of the most famous celebrities in the world can also be spotted basking in the sun on one of its many beaches.

For those of you staying in the cobblers cove area, then be sure to check out the Bridgetown and Garrison sites, Sam Lord’s castle and the Barbados museum.

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The Bridgetown and Garrison sites were conscripted as a world heritage site in 2011 for the preservation of an old town which was built in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. The current city was established by the English who settled there in 1628. The layout of this city has remained throughout the years. Be sure to visit the Jewish synagogue, Carlisle bay beach and independence square.

You definitely should visit the Barbados museum, which is located in Bridgetown. This building became the home of the museum in 1930, after being initially constructed as a British military prison around 1817 – 1853. The museum will take you on a historic look through the years, showing you examples of the different house and plantations that were on the island.

Sam Lord was known for hanging coconut lanterns near the shore, so that nearby ships would think it was Bridgetown and try to come ashore – only to get smashed to bits on the reefs! Legend has it that he would then attack and steal from the ships. The gigantic castle that he built dates back to the 1820’s and is definitely worth visiting if you have the time.

Barbados has a long and rich history that not many people know about, simply because they only see the island as an exotic getaway retreat. But it has plenty more to offer a curious mind.