5 Things to do in London that don’t cost a penny

You might think that when visiting London you will have to spend a lot of money visiting all of the sites, paying outrageous entrance fees that will hurt your wallet is not always essential in London. If you are smart then you can do a lot of the great stuff for absolutely nothing, you do not have to pay a single penny for some great sites in the English capital. If you want to do something original and fun the check out wildgoose, you and your friends can partake in a treasure hunt in the capital! Here are 5 great things to do when you visit London.


Visit the Museums

From the Natural history museum to the British museum you really are spoilt for choice with the fantastic things you are able to see for free in London. If you are looking for something different then head to the Geffrye museum, this place shows people what it is like to live in the capital city of England. Here you will see what the inside of the locals homes look like and you’ll get a real sense of where Londoners live their lives.

Head to the art galleries

What London, and the UK, does have is some of the best art in the world on show. The two famous galleries are the Tate Modern and the Tate Britain. In the Tate Britain you can see doe of the finest art that has ever been produced and it dates back to the sixteenth century. If you like everything modern then head over to the Tate Modern where you can see some great contemporary art, there are usually exhibitions from some of the leading modern artists such as Damien Hirst.

Take a stroll in the parks

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, then go a take a stroll in any number of the beautiful parks that occupy London. There is no better place to have a picnic than Hyde Park when the sun is shining. Other parks worth visit are; St Jame’s Park, the Diana Memorial Playground and the Queen Mary Rose Gardens in Regent’s Park.

Stroll around the famous landmarks

If you take a stroll along the river Thames you will walk past a number of famous landmarks including the famous London Eye. London is not as big as you might think and it is very easy to see most of the famous landmarks on foot. Print off one of the free London walking maps, plan your route, get the camera ready and you’ll be able tick off a number of Landmarks in a day.

Check out the changing of the guard 

The changing of the guard which takes place at Buckingham Palace every day is one of the best things to see in London. It is one of the oldest military traditions that is still on show to the public. So head down to the palace at 11:30 in the morning to see a fantastic spectacle.