5 reasons going all inclusive is a must for holidaymakers

All inclusive packages come in all shapes and sizes – something that means you can find one to suit just about every kind of traveller. As such, they’re becoming more and more of a must-have. Find out why, as well as learn more about them, with our guide to the top five reasons to go all inclusive, while you can check out some examples of all inclusive deals on this website.

1) Meals are arranged for you

Of course, most of us like the sound of going all inclusive for the simplicity it offers. Because you’ve paid for everything in advance (though it’s important to remember that what you get can vary from one hotel to the next – so always read the fine print!), there’s very little you need to worry about while you’re there.

In most all inclusive packages, you can bank on having your meals included in the price, which is brilliant for anyone hoping to relax as much as possible – you won’t have to give your meals a thought. Plus, it also means you can avoid the expense of eating in a restaurant every night – often, an all inclusive deal will reduce the overall price you pay for food.

2) Have your pick of high-quality hotels

One of the great things about going all inclusive is that all kinds of hotels now offer this kind of package. For us travellers, this means having a massive spectrum of choice when it comes to where to stay, giving us the freedom to pick the very best hotel for our money.

Plus, plenty of hotels offer extra-luxurious all inclusive packages that give you the opportunity to experience the high-life. These are great if you have total relaxation and indulgence in mind – especially because you won’t even need to keep track of costs. After all, you’ll have paid for everything beforehand.

3) Pay less overall

All inclusive deals are usually great for shrewd travellers who want to make the most of their money. By paying for everything upfront, you’ll often make big savings – but to do so, you do need to look carefully at each individual package.

You want to pick a deal that best matches your needs and preferences. As well as looking out for things that are missing, keep your eyes peeled for extras that you just won’t use. For instance, if you don’t drink and alcohol is included in the overall price, or a range of water sports are thrown in and you hate the sea, you’ll be paying for something you won’t get any benefit from. Usually, you’ll get more for your money by seeking out a package that doesn’t have extras that don’t offer you anything personally.

4) Great for families

As you might expect, all inclusive hotel deals are fantastic for families. After all, going away with the kids can often get very expensive, what with the cost of meals, treats and attractions quickly mounting up. It’s something of a headache just keeping track of everything you spend!

All inclusive deals change all that. They give you the ability to know the broad cost of your break in advance, thanks to the fact that meals and drinks are factored in, which makes budgeting so much easier. Plus, you can select deals that have great extras thrown in, such as fun kids’ clubs or family activities, that’ll enrich your holiday without breaking the bank.

5) Hotels in prime locations

Last on our list is the fact that you can get some brilliant all inclusive packages on hotels in prime locations, both in terms of the overall destination (the Maldives, for example, or Sharm el Sheikh), and the exact location with it, giving you the chance to be in the heart of all the action.

In terms of the latter, a good location like this can make all the difference to your holiday – after all, you don’t want to spend half your time travelling to beaches and attractions when you could have them virtually on your doorstep!