A Relaxing and Invigorating Local Vacation

Nothing quite beats the excitement and relaxation which accompanies a journey to a far away destination, and while your imagination may be able to dream about some big possibilities, your budget may be looking for something smaller. If you’re in desperate need of a vacation to rest, relax and gather your thoughts but your budget just won’t allow it, we’ve compiled a few great ways for you to enjoy an invigorating yet local vacation.

If Solitude Is What You’re Looking For

Apart from the exciting destinations and cultural immersion, what I love most about traveling is the feeling of isolation. Nothing makes you feel like you’re all alone than traveling in a place where nobody knows who you are. If you’re looking for a similar feeling, camping could provide just the experience. Even if just for a few days, find a remote camping location, pack yourself enough supplies to keep you going and enjoy the time to yourself.  The sense of isolation which camping provides is a great way to realign your sense of being.

Return a New Person

Traveling abroad provides many opportunities to indulge in foreign cultures, including foreign fashions, often resulting in you returning with a fresh new look. If you enjoy this experience but can’t travel abroad, you’re in luck. Take some time to do some shopping, get your hair colored and cut and rejuvenate your image. If you’re looking for a fresh new face, a quick visit to a Los Angeles Day Spa can remove some of the travel lines your skin may have accumulated during your more adventurous journeys.

Do Nothing. Absolutely Nothing.

Not all vacations have to  be adventures, and not all of them require any or much effort at all. Instead of visiting a beach on a Mediterranean island, swap it for a beach closer to home. Find yourself a well priced, clean and basic hotel room close to a beach, pack a case full of books and some music and laze your vacation away on the sand. Packing a picnic lunch the morning before you leave your hotel is a great way to ensure your feet never have to leave the beach the entire day.
Just because your budget doesn’t let you travel far doesn’t mean that you can’t get the same benefits. If you’re feeling the need to escape, consider traveling locally and enjoying similar benefits at a fraction of the cost.

A Relaxing and Invigorating Local Vacation


Nothing quite beats the excitement and relaxation which accompanies a journey to a far away destination, and while your imagination may be able to dream about some big possibilities, your budget may be looking for something smaller. If you’re in desperate need of a vacation to rest, relax and gather your thoughts but your budget just won’t allow it, we’ve compiled a few great ways for you to enjoy an invigorating yet local vacation.

If Solitude Is What You’re Looking For
Apart from the exciting destinations and cultural immersion, what I love most about traveling is the feeling of isolation. Nothing makes you feel like you’re all alone than traveling in a place where nobody knows who you are. If you’re looking for a similar feeling, camping could provide just the experience. Even if just for a few days, find a remote camping location, pack yourself enough supplies to keep you going and enjoy the time to yourself. The sense of isolation which camping provides is a great way to realign your sense of being.

Return a New Person
Traveling abroad provides many opportunities to indulge in foreign cultures, including foreign fashions, often resulting in you returning with a fresh new look. If you enjoy this experience but can’t travel abroad, you’re in luck. Take some time to do some shopping, get your hair colored and cut and rejuvenate your image. If you’re looking for a fresh new face, a quick visit to a Los Angeles Day Spa can remove some of the travel lines your skin may have accumulated during your more adventurous journeys.

Do Nothing. Absolutely Nothing.
Not all vacations have to be adventures, and not all of them require any or much effort at all. Instead of visiting a beach on a Mediterranean island, swap it for a beach closer to home. Find yourself a well priced, clean and basic hotel room close to a beach, pack a case full of books and some music and laze your vacation away on the sand. Packing a picnic lunch the morning before you leave your hotel is a great way to ensure your feet never have to leave the beach the entire day.

Just because your budget doesn’t let you travel far doesn’t mean that you can’t get the same benefits. If you’re feeling the need to escape, consider traveling locally and enjoying similar benefits at a fraction of the cost.

What to Take on the Aeroplane With You


There’s nothing quite like the excitement that comes before travel – hunting for the best flight prices, booking a great hotel and doing your best to leave enough room in your luggage to bring back gifts. However, the one thing that most travelers dread is their carry-on luggage. What to take, and to not take with them on the aeroplane. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right blog!


What Are You Going to Do on the Plane

Whether you’re flying for a few hours or about to embark on a long haul flight, keeping yourself occupied is vital to maintaining your sanity during a flight. Before you leave, load up your cell phone or tablet with ebooks or some puzzle games that can keep your brain active and off the thought of the flight. A tip that I learned after it was too late – make sure that any books or puzzles you load up can work offline and don’t require an internet connection to activate…otherwise you’re stuck listening to your fellow passenger retell their life story.


Stay Well Fed

Some airlines are really good at keeping your fed and hydrated during the flight, whereas others…aren’t. The key to staying well fed is to think ahead. Think bite-sized foods that are easy to pack and even easier to eat like candy or cookies. If baking isn’t your thing, order a pre-prepared box from a bakery like Cheryls that can provide you with a mixed box of goodies to keep your stomach and your brain happy during the flight.


How Do I Look?

This should be the last question that you ask yourself during your flight, however if you absolutely must look your best while you fly, resist the temptation to take your entire makeup kit or beauty routine with you. In fact, pack all of your regular items into your checked luggage and head to your local health and beauty store for some purpose designed travel sized products. Not only are these a great way to keep your carry-on luggage down, their packaging is often compliant with travel authorities, removing the risk that you might get stuck on the aeroplane with…gasp…nothing!


Flying can be a great experience for some, and for others it just isn’t their thing – however what everybody can agree on is that travel is an amazing experience with a lot to offer. The next time you fly, take these tips with you so that you can look forward to a smooth and well fed flight.

Why Should Bahrain Be Your Next Holiday Destination?

If you’re looking for a new place to explore on your next holiday, then you seriously need to start considering Bahrain. This beautiful country is often overlooked by tourists in favor of other well know destinations. It is due to the fact that the place has yet to be overrun with tourists during peak season.


Bahrain is a gorgeous place to visit since it is situated right at the Persian Gulf, yet one pertinent question remains: Why don’t more and more people visit it? Well that’s because they really don’t have an idea of just how amazing it can be.  Here’s exactly why you should be adding Bahrain to your bucket list right away.


Locals outweigh the tourists

If you’ve been to Qatar or Dubai, you will be aware of the fact that nationals actually only make up 10% of the population. When you compare this to Bahrain, whose 50% population are nationals, it becomes easy to see how you will be able to get a real feel for the culture and really embrace Bahraini life.


The beautiful weather

If, like me, you are a resident of the UK, then there is nothing better than heading off for a holiday right away. The sun shines in Bahrain all throughout the year, even during the winter months where you will come across temperatures soaring over 20 degrees. During summertime there is not a cloud in sight and you can sit back, relax and acquire the perfect tan by the pool.


Enjoy the arts

It often surprises people when they hear that Bahrain is home to award winning art pieces and sculptures across the city. If you love museums and galleries then you can spend a number of hours strolling through the galleries. If you’ve still got some money left over from your holiday, you will be able to get your hands on some unique pieces to bring back with you. I think it’s always great to bring back an art piece or item that you can place on your wall that will serve as a reminder for a lifetime.


Now that you’re convinced about why you should be flying there soon, it is time to get on to the Gulf Air website and look out for great deals. Once you visit Bahrain, I am sure that you will wish to visit it time and again.

Hong Kong Education Made Easy with Findatutor

With the competitive nature of today’s society, tutoring is quickly rising as a popular way for students to gain the extra advantage they need in the world. Traditional school is now just a foundation for the skills and advancement that students can achieve, and hiring a private tutor is all but necessary to get that extra edge. It can be difficult for students to know just how and where to find the best tutor for them. Hong Kong has been long waiting for a one-stop resource for tutoring, and it’s finally here: Findatutor.

Findatutor is a great way for students to find tutors and for tutors to post their services and find work, making it a win-win for everyone involved. Whether students are looking to advance their skills and gain an extra edge in the job market, or to get extra support in a subject where they are struggling, there is a tutor in Hong Kong that can meet their needs. Findatutor is a great resource to match student with tutor and create a great new educational relationship.

The service is so easy to use, and it starts with tutors setting up their profile so students to search for them. In their profile, tutors upload their picture and fill in information about their experience, background and subjects of specialization. For just a small monthly fee, Findatutor does all the marketing work for them, so the tutor just needs to wait for students to find and contact them about their services.

And for students, Findatutor is totally free! Students in Hong Kong will type in the subject they want to study, then they will receive a list of tutors who specialize in that subject area. Or if they have very specific needs, students can also request a tutor in a specific area and Findatutor will do all the work of searching for them.

Overall, Findatutor is an excellent resource for students and tutors who are looking to work with one another. It’s also very helpful for students who are looking to improve their English skills, to find an English teacher who can work well with them. Now you can save your time and energy spent searching and using other resources, because Findatutor is your one-stop resource for tutoring in Hong Kong.

3 Ways to Supplement Income 3

3 Easy Ways to Supplement Your Income Before a Trip

Trying to plan your next (or first!) exciting travel destination, but just can’t seem to save up enough money to make it happen? If you’re already working a full-time job and are looking for some supplementary income, we’ve got you covered. Here are some quick and easy ways to set aside enough of a cushion to comfortably take the leap.

3 Ways to Supplement Income 21. Yard sale
You’re planning on traveling soon anyway, so why not kill two birds with one stone and downsize before the trip. There is probably plenty of unused clothing, books, and random items laying around collecting dust, that you will never miss and might actually be given a good home. Besides that, the more you get rid of the more you can look forward to picking up new and exciting trinkets wherever your future adventure takes you. You may even discover some things that you had forgotten about and would be useful on the journey.

3 Ways to Supplement Income 32. Tutoring or teaching English
Assuming that you’re a literate, English-speaking individual with a couple of brain cells and a pulse, odds are that you’re qualified to help an ESL student practice the language. Even if it is just meeting in a coffee shop for conversational practice, editing writing samples, or private lessons, this is an easy way to take advantage of a “skill” that you probably never considered you had, and to meet foreigners with interesting backgrounds and stories in the process. This method of income is great also because if you ever find yourself running low on funds part-way through your trip, it is even easier to find students to teach abroad in almost any country!

3 Ways to Supplement Income 13. Online gambling
It may sound counter-intuitive as an actual plan for making (and keeping) your money, but this has become one of the most profitable industries on the internet, and is a more fun way to potentially make fast cash on the side. Of course there is no guarantee with this option, but if you’re responsible about how much you’re willing to risk, it’s possible to walk away richer while engaging in anything from blackjack to roulette to slots! Websites like http://www.onlinecasinoaustralia.com.au are a great place to start, because they allow you to play with fake money before you have to start paying to play and have mobile versions of their sites.

Now that you know how easy it is to save up for your next adventure, then comes the hard part… deciding where to travel from all of the incredible places this world has to offer! If you took our advice and helped out a foreign language student, you may get lucky enough to already have a friendly connection in the next place you decide to go. Enjoy your trip!



The 3 Realms of UAE

For those looking for grandeur and a larger than life experience, UAE is the place to visit. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are two flashy cities of UAE that have grabbed the world’s attention for reasons more than one. Sea plane tour treats you with the best sights of Abu Dhabi and balloon ride in Dubai enables you to capture the scenic beauty of these cities. For those looking for a gush of adventure, sky diving at Dubai can offer the absolute moment of insanity and fun. Rent a car from the airport to Emirates Palace which serves royalty and elegance like no other place. The rooms and suites here deliver the ultimate experience marked with excess and opulence. The Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi offers an insight of speed, passion, and all things excellent. The place has the fastest roller coaster of the world. Passion for cars is best explored at Dubai Autodrome which gets hearts racing with its world class motorsport events.


You Looked For A Contemporary Church Near Jupiter And Found A Great One

Many people are greatly influenced by the love and faith of Jesus Christ and the churches in their region that deliver them the message of love to the children of the Lord. When you are looking for a contemporary church certain things top the list. There are large churches that will fulfil your contemporary needs of a church and seeking the Lord’s grace here can be more of emotional touch giving positive vibes for life. We looked all over for a contemporary church near Jupiter.

These contemporary churches have everything for everyone in your family. The Calvary church in Jupiter is a very famous for its teachings and many Christian Families have opted for this church as there are more valuable messages for life delivered during Sunday mass. The Catholic churches of Jupiter have equally gained recognition and Catholic Christians residing here never miss their worship in these churches. Seventh day Adventist who are more in number in Jupiter have a separate church where special prayers with priests and programs for all age groups of people are conducted. Central Baptist church of Jupiter have been one of the most contemporary churches in this region and if you are looking for a kind of church to make a worship that most of the Baptists do, then this should be the first of your choice. Located in the church street in Jupiter, the Mount Carmel Baptist church tops the list for its contemporary aspects and the specialty of this church is that many Christians are very closely associated for they get the complete grace of the Lord.

How Amazing All-Inclusive Resorts Can Be

If you are planning to travel to your dream destination, Fiji, then you should check out for resorts that offer great deals and that are all inclusive resorts.  This is because these resorts offer all tours at the Fiji and activities to be done at Fiji in the package that they provide. They include golfing, diving, cruise, car rental, kids club, daily activities, water sports and other adventurous trips. When you book your trip check out Fiji all inclusive options. Check out the different choices given by the resort to get an idea on what they have in store for you. You can practically compare the different choices and confine to the best one.

There are many different islands across, so you need to choose some of the destinations where you would like to travel. Castaway Island Fiji is a beautiful tropical island. This beautiful island grabs the attention of travellers worldwide. Either from Nadi airport or from Denarau you will have to take a heli or use seaplane transfer to reach to Castaway Island Fiji. Your adventure starts from here onwards. There are wonderful resorts that offer plenty of adventurous activities and awesome stay. You can have an amazing experience, away from all the routine hustle bustle of life. The natural scenic beauty, stunning beaches and relaxing shores make it a perfect place for holiday. With all the modern comfort and with a blend of village atmosphere, you can feel the reclamation within you, bringing the freshness within you.

5 Cities to experience Christmas with a difference in Europe

It’s that time of year again, the bright lights are on and the streets are filled with eager shoppers out to get their Christmas presents sorted early. Yes, Christmas is the biggest time for shopping in the year but it also happens to be one of the busiest travel times of the year as many individuals seek a short break during their Christmas holidays. Europe is a popular destination for many travellers, and with cheap flights available to and from most cities in Europe, the world really is your oyster during the festive season. Below we take a look at 5 cities that are well worth exploring at this time of year.


(Image – Wikipedia)

5 European Christmas getaways

  1. Rovaniemi:

Can you think of anywhere better to spend the festive season than the home of Santa Claus himself, Rovaniemi in Lapland. Lapland is located at the very north of Finland and can be extremely cold at Christmas time but there is a real sense of magic in the air. This is a perfect destination for families who are willing to brave the cold conditions as you will be rewarded by the stunning scenes of this area and off course, the famous Santa Park and Village, home to the great man himself. You will also get some of the finest views of the Northern Lights here and this is sure to be a once in a lifetime holiday you will never forget.

  1. Paris:

A good bit further south than Rovaniemi and Lapland but every bit as magical is Paris, the capital city of France. Famous throughout the world as the city of love, this is the perfect place to escape for a romantic break for 2 over the festive season. With outdoor ice rinks dotted throughout the city and the famous shops of the Champs Elysees looking truly spectacular, Paris really does scream celebration over Christmas. The Eiffel Tower looks as impressive as ever lit up over Christmas and if you want to visit the city after Christmas, New Years Eve in Paris is something that everyone should experience at least once in their life.

  1. Dublin:

One of the fastest growing European cities in many aspects, the popularity of Dublin and indeed Ireland as a travel destination is simply soaring. The city looks magical at Christmas with many Christmas markets and craft markets set up around the city. If you’re planning on visiting Dublin over the festive season, be sure to visit the Christmas Market at St. Stephen’s Green and also the fantastic Dublin Docklands Christmas Market. No trip to Dublin would be complete without a pint of the city’s famous Guinness Stout, and there is no better place to enjoy this than at the home of Guinness itself, The Guinness Storehouse at St. James’s Gate Brewery.

  1. London:

Next on our list is London, one of the most popular cities to visit no matter what the time of year. London simply has it all at Christmas – a selection of shops to fit all budgets, hotels to suit all tastes and more importantly, events, festivals and markets all over the city in the days and months leading up to Christmas itself. Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland is one of the most popular areas of the city during Christmas but truth be told, you’ll never be short of things to do. With ice rinks spread across many locations including the popular London Eye and Canary Wharf and a Christmas grotto at London Zoo, there’s something to suit all ages in London at Christmas.

  1. Prague:

Last on our list is a city that has both an old and new area both of which are popular with locals and tourists. The old town square and Wenceslas Square (new town) are 5 minutes from each other and equally as impressive during the Christmas period. These squares are home to the two main markets for the city during Christmas and you can enjoy some local and international produce here. The Christmas lights really bring this ancient city to life over the Christmas period and you’re sure to have a magical and memorable trip in the capital city of Czech Republic.

5 things to add to your London Bucket list

As far as bustling cities go, London is definitely one of the best in terms of things to do and places to go.  From the widest selection of eclectic cuisines from all around the world, a pub around every corner and some of the best attractions and historical buildings the British Isles have to offer here are 5 things that you should definitely add to your itinerary next time you’re in the English capital.

The London Zoo

If a Safari trip to Africa is currently out of reach then make sure to visit the London Zoo, especially if you’re travelling with kids.  From tigers to pygmy hippos, llamas and the most colorful butterflies, the zoo houses pretty much the whole gamut of the animal kingdom.  Why not join one of the great incentives on offer such as the ‘adopt an animal’ or spend a couple of nights sleeping next to the rhinos in the lookout lodge?

Visit the Tate Modern

 Named after its benefactor Henry Tate, these museums collectively hold the national collection of British Art from 1500 to the present day in addition to some of the best international modern and contemporary art.  The Tate modern in London is a definite must regardless of whether you’re an art enthusiast or not.  With free guided tours, pioneering art, film screenings, ‘touch-tours’ for the visually impaired, to conferences and talks happening on a regular basis the Tate will prove to be a very interesting and enjoyable day out for everybody.

Hampton Court Palace

The breathtaking sights and sounds of the Henry the VIII’s favorite royal residence should definitely be on your to-do list next time you’re visiting the city. The grandeur of Henry’s State Rooms are a marvel and do make time to take a stroll through the 60 acres plus of enchanting gardens, and lose yourself in the famous maze to fully appreciate the beauty of this great palace.

Costumed tours and talks happen daily and if you happen to be there for lunchtime, the vast Tudor kitchens have on offer a most delectable menu that is sure to tickle your taste buds like never before.

Creeping along the Haunted Gallerywill lead you to themagnificentBaroque palace, full of intrigue and charm from the Stuart and Georgian eras.

Party in Shoreditch


If you’re itching to have a few drinks, dance or listen to some of the best live music London has on offer there’s nowhere better to get your groove on than the clubs and pubs in trendy Shoreditch.  From world class Dj’s to some of the best bands on the planet Shoreditch is a hard one to give a miss.

Jazz Sunday brunch

(photo: Jimmy Baikovicius)

Don’t fret if you’ve had a bit of a rough Saturday night and feel like staying in bed a little bit longer.  Re-energize your senses and relax over some top-notch jazz music and a sumptuous brunch at the Corinthia Hotel followed by a stroll on the Thames river bank with the most amazing views of the London eye and the Big Ben.



The best 3 best places in Chiapas

Chiapas is a well know place in Mexico, it is better known for the Zapatista uprising but it is now becoming recognised as one of the best places to visit on a holiday to Mexico. It is Mexico’s most southern state and for those people fortunate enough to have visited they have discovered that it is a magical place that never stops surprising you.


If you want to hit the road less travelled then head down to Chiapas. Here are 5 places that you definitely shouldn’t miss.


This isn’t the largest of the Mayan ruins that are on offer but in my opinion it is certainly one of the more fascinating ruins that you will see. I would go as fares saying that Palenque is not only one of the top reasons to to visit the state of Chiapas, but it is one of the best reasons to visit Mexico itself! If you’re like me then you will end up changing your flight and booking a few more nights in the hotel, trust me when I say that it’s worth the extra cost!

San Juan Chamula

This place is a must see because it is one of the largest indigenous communities on the planet, it has a population of just over 60,000 people. This I think is travelling in it’s truest form, everything here is so basic and world’s apart from being back home. Of course there are some developed areas but this is a real eye opener!

San Cristobal de las Casas

If you want it all then this magnificent colonial city has it! You have everything you need to have an amazing time; busy markets, unique cafes, beautiful churches, memorising museums and of course a great climate!

Check out his video to get some real inspiration to travel to Mexico.

Grand Mirage Resort and Thalasso Bali: The Active All Inclusive Holiday

Are you a type of person who enjoys an all-inclusive holiday? Those who say “NO” might think that all inclusive is identical with lazy days in hotel. It is not totally right as all inclusive holiday offer you a limitless value of holiday while keeping the active travelers treasure their holiday. If you stay in a Bali all-inclusive resort like Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali, you will finally relish this type of holiday.


The day starts with a beautiful sunrise…

This is something that you should not miss when you are in Tanjung Benoa- witnessing the sun raising from the ocean which starts at about 6.15 am. You can enjoy it from your ocean view rooms or you can take a walk on the resort beach and spend some time before a 40-something Balinese man comes and invite you to join the…

Morning yoga

The yoga is on the beach so you can sense your lungs inhaling the morning fresh beach air. It is a simple luxury that Grand Mirage Resort provides for the guests to treasure their holiday as well as keeping themselves healthy. After one-hour yoga, you will feel your hunger, and then your feet will guide you to Grand Café Restaurant to enjoy our daily…

Buffet breakfast

Start with a glass of our juice to exchange the lost of waters after you have your yoga. It will be great to consume light meal for your breakfast after exercise. This resort offers an extensive selection of food for the buffet, such as yoghurt, salad, etc.

Give yourself sometime after breakfast, then you can continue to….

Explore the ocean with water sports

You have the selections of water sports- motorized and non motorized water sport. All-inclusive package allows you to have unlimited non-motorized water sport such as catamaran, kayak, and windsurfing. If you think motorized water sport is more thrilling, you can try jet ski. After exploring the ocean, keep your feet wet with…

Aqua Aerobic

The entertainment staffs of Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali are savvy on doing aqua aerobic with so much fun.  This activity always attracts a crowd to the pool at 11.30. After the exercise, you can dry yourself or enjoy the facilities of Grand Mirage Resort. At 14.30, our entertainment team will prepare a table beside the swimming pool to invite the guests to join the…

Educational activities

There are several educational activities in this resort: fruit carving, janur (young coconut leaves) weaving, and tropical fruit demonstrations, Balinese cooking class. These activities enable you to learn further about Balinese culture. If you are still ecstatic to do something, continue with a…

Short travel in Tanjung Benoa village

On Wednesday and Friday, the entertainment staff will bring you to go around Benoa village by bike. They will direct you to see the Balinese temple that is grandeur with its carvings.

Samabe: a little gem luxury resort in paradise Bali.

Travelling to exotic Asian countries is probably on just about everybody’s holiday list, and Bali is one of the most desirable South East Asian tourist destinations. Full of mystique, charm and (cultural attractions), Bali has lots on offer and appeals to everybody.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 1.13.27 PM

We found a little gem of a resort on this paradise island, Samabe Bali Suites and Villas, a new 5-star resort, which has just celebrated its first year in business. Let’s take a closer look at why it is fast becoming one of the top luxury Bali resorts.




Samabe is just 30 min from Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport, situated on top of southern cliffs of Nusa Dua, overlooking turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Its prime location ensures that you wake up to the most stunning sunrises, while distant soft sounds of morning prayers coming form a near by temple give a sense of total inner peace and tranquillity. You know you’re somewhere very special.




You have a wide choice of suites and one or two bedroom villas, with or without a private pool, all beautifully appointed, boasting spectacular ocean views, and each suite coming with its own telescope, if you feel like some star gazing in the evening. Luxurious bathrooms and modern “East-meets-West” décor give the rooms that high class splendour and sense of indulgence.


For those who would like a bit more extravagance, you can choose to stay in an opulent and completely private penthouse villa, situated on top of the suites building, and if you are after some truly top-end accommodation, you can treat yourself to the Royal Samabe Residence, a double storey, 1500 square meter residence, fit for kings and queens.


Facilities and Entertainment:


It’s hard to find yourself bored at Samabe, there’s so much to do. Water sports, bike riding or yoga classes are just a few of the leisure activities on offer at the resort, and some of the more interesting cultural experiences include Balinese cooking classes, batik painting lessons, Balinese dance lessons, stage shows, and many more, which will keep you thoroughly entertained. If you just want some rest and relax, laze around on a private white sandy beach or enjoy a massage and spa treatment at Samabe’s Galangal Spa. And if you want to spend some time away from your children, maybe do some shopping, professional child care providers at Kid’s Club will keep them amused for hours.


You can’t go hungry at the resort either. Two world class restaurants serve a variety of cuisines: Asian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian and local Balinese dishes. But most inviting is the resort’s concept of “any time and anywhere breakfast”, which means that you can have a long sleep in and don’t need to rush down for breakfast before it’s stopped being served; you can literally have it any time of the day and almost anywhere you wish. Isn’t that great!?


All inclusive:


You have the option of an inclusive package, called “Unlimited Privileges”, which makes your stay at the resort a complete getaway from any worries or headaches, a true holiday. It offers a number of additional services, such as a limousine transfer to the resort and back to the airport, and your own butler, who’ll take care of all your desires, starting from serving your beverages through to booking your tickets for any events. Check out why (all inclusive is a must for holidaymakers) to get more information on this subject at Samabe website.






5 Casinos to check out when visiting Las Vegas

It’s the entertainment capital of the world and often one day can run straight into the other, but there is something magical about the city of Las Vegas.  Located in the Nevada desert, ‘Vegas’ as it is more commonly known is a city with a reputation for a vibrant nightlife, fine dining, designer shops and of course, casinos, casinos, casinos.  When you think of Las Vegas you instantly think of slot machines, poker rooms, blackjack tables and roulette wheels.  Simply put, ‘Vegas’ is the mecca for those seeking a gambling holiday.  If this is you, then here are 5 casinos you will want to check out when you visit ‘Sin City’.

5 Top Las Vegas Casinos

1. The Bellagio


Think Bellagio and you instantly think of the wonderful fountains that line the front of this majestic hotel.  Like most of the hotels in Las Vegas, the Bellagio has more than enough to keep guests occupied with a spa, restaurants, shops, botanical gardens and a gallery of fine art among the list of attractions to keep you occupied.  You can’t visit Vegas without stopping in at the casino in Bellagio.  With perhaps the most impressive slots room on the Vegas strip and a poker room that is home to the World Poker Tour and previously the World Series of Poker, the Bellagio is stepped in Vegas casino history.

2. The Wynn

Considered one of the finest hotels in the world (with the awards to show), The Wynn Hotel Las Vegas is named after Steve Wynn, the developer behind the casino.  It is the flagship property of the Wynn Resorts and is home to the Wynn Casino.  The poker room at the Wynn Casino holds daily tournaments with $25,000 guaranteed every Saturday.  You can also enjoy the slots machine at the Wynn in surroundings that include a marble floor.  The resort is also home to the Wynn Golf and Country Club, allowing you to enjoy 18 holes as you take a break from the poker tables.  This also happens to be the only golf course on the Las Vegas Strip.

3. Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace was a popular hangout for the Rat Pack back in the 1960’s, and it still has a certain aura about it to this very day.  The impressive colosseum is a major attraction of Caesars Palace and is a regular for some of the biggest stars in the world as the entertain guests and visitors to the hotel.  Shania Twain is currently headlining at the Palace, and if she isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry, you can always head to the casino.  Poker rooms and tournaments, slot machines, table games and a race and sports book will keep you entertained for hours.

4. The Mirage

The Mirage is another resort that was built by Steve Wynn and is connected by tram to the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino allowing you to get two for the price of one.  The Mirage has many popular shows held on a daily basis, with restaurants, spas and shops also plentiful to help keep you occupied.  The casino at The Mirage is one of the most popular and breathtaking casinos on the strip, with a glass atrium letting the sun get in during the day, while the sound of water from the waterfall can be heard as you enter the main casino – only in Vegas!

5. The Venetian

Last on our list and by no means least is the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, a hotel that brings a slice of Venice, Italy straight into the Nevada desert.  The Sands Expo Convention Centre and Palazzo Hotel and Resort are adjacent to the Venetian and these 3 resorts combine to form the largest 5 diamond hotel resort in the world.  The indoor pools at the Venetian are simply a must see as you can enjoy your very own gondola trip through the hotel.  The Venetian is also home to one of Vegas’ largest casinos measuring 120,000 square foot.  With slot tables aplenty, poker rooms, daily tournaments and a first of its kind stadium gaming, the Venetian is another casino you must get along to in Vegas.

Las Vegas is a pretty special and unique place that needs to be experienced by every keen traveller at least once in your lifetime.  It’s one of those places where your trip will disappear quicker than you can say higher or lower!  If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, do remember to gamble safely.  From past experience, the enjoyment and experience of the casinos is just as important as trying to get that big win.


Royal Vegas Pokies

Royal Vegas Pokies was founded about 10 years ago and since then it has really succeeded. It is powered by Microgaming and managed and it is one of the most popular online casinos in Europe. It has over 450 casino games and over and offers AU $ 1500 free. It is a perfect choice for Australians, and especially for all slot machine lovers. You can play the most advanced and latest slot machine at Royal Vegas.

Graphics and software
Royal Vegas makes use of the platform by Microgaming, which is among the best and finest on the market. The software is easy to download and install. There is also a Flash version for people who want to play the game of your browser, available. The graphics are excellent quality and the colors are still alive. To top it all, the games are incredible.

Royal Vegas offers more than 450 casino games and that’s why it’s impossible to get bored. The included games are slot machines, blackjack, roulette, video poker and much more. The best games that are offered, the slot machines as eagles wings, Gold Factory and also the classic Thunderstruck II The casino are certainly takes care of all needs as a new game and more games are consistently developed by Microgaming.

Promotions and Welcome Bonus
Platinum provides an excellent offer for all new players. It offers AU $ 1500 free and you can play with this set for an hour. The profits that you make are completely yours and you can withdraw easily. A few casinos offer with such great offers and this offer is something that you certainly will not miss. In addition, regular offers instead of for all registered players.

Banking is not a problem for those who registered for the slot machines. Various options can take care of all the players. Poli is acceptable and can play the Aussies immediately using the deposit method they begin find comfortable. In addition, players can enter through the use of debit and credit cards, ClickandBuy, Neteller and many more.

The support of royal vegas online pokies is for you 24/7 and the representatives help you and solve all your problems. They are really friendly and will solve all your problems in few minutes. Certainly a casino takes cares of their players and respect them to the fullest.

Royal Vegas slot machines offer players with so much that it’s really hard to resist. With such an amazing bonus and more than 400 games, you do not need more reasons to play with this casino. The option of 1500 free bets is the best feature, you need to consider before deciding to another online casino. Royal Vegas Casino offers excellent quality of service and customer care, the faithful and reliable, they make their players. Once you play with them, you will always play with them.

5 Reasons to enjoy a trip to Cork like Kim and Kanye

They’re one of the most talked about showbiz couples in the world, and following their lavish wedding in Florence, Italy, all eyes were on the honeymoon destination of the newly married West’s.  So where did one of the world’s most famous couples decide to honeymoon following their wedding – Dubai, the Seychelles, a Caribbean island, perhaps even a romantic European city like Paris, Rome or Barcelona?  While these would often be the honeymoon destination of choice for the rich and famous, Kim and Kanye opted for somewhere else, a destination that caught many by surprise.  We’re talking about County Cork in Ireland, an area Kanye knows well having twice performed there.  With Kim and Kanye spending their first few days as husband and wife in the pretty village of Castlemartyr, we thought we’d look at 5 reasons to follow in their footsteps and plan a trip to Cork.

Cork city by night

5 Reasons to visit Cork

1. Visit the impressive English Market

If it’s good enough for the Queen of England then it’s good enough for us.  The English Market was visited by Queen Elizabeth II on her trip to Ireland in 2011, and it certainly is a place worthy of a Queen (and indeed the rest of us).  One of the oldest markets in Europe, a trip to English Market will introduce you to all that is great about Irish food and crafts, with local craftsmen showcasing their products and produce.  With a mix of fledging and established businesses standing side by side, a trip to the market can be a great introduction to life in Cork.

2. Kiss the famous Blarney Stone

The Blarney Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cork, and one big reason for this is your chance to embrace in a kiss; not with a handsome Irish stranger, but with a stone – the Blarney Stone.  Visitors come from all over the world to hang over a ledge at Blarney Castle and kiss this famous stone.  Legend has it that those who kiss the stone will be bestowed with the gift of eloquence, or as the locals would say – “the gift of the gab”!

3. Take a trip to Spike Island

No holiday in Cork would be complete without a trip to Spike Island, which is located at Cork Harbour.  The island has been home to a monastery, fortress and prison in the past, and you’ll certainly experience a piece of Irish history here.  Take a boat ride from nearby Cobh and enjoy a tour of the island including the cells and gun emplacements.

4. Enjoy a pint of Beamish and traditional Irish music

Often when we think of Ireland, we instantly think of a pint of stout and some wonderful traditional Irish music.  Well, for lovers of a drink and music, Cork is certainly a place worth visiting.  Cork is home of Ireland’s longest serving brewery Beamish and Crawford, so enjoy a pint of the brewery’s flagship stout, Beamish when you visit Cork.  With a vibrant nightlife and endless music sessions throughout many of Cork’s pubs, you’ll never be stuck for entertainment.  South Main Street has some great bars and is home to An Spailpin Fánac which is great for traditional music and well worth enjoying a tipple in.


5. Watch the whales go by

Have you ever wanted to come face to face with the world’s largest creature?  A trip to Cork is about much more than great food, drink and music; you can also enjoy the memorable and magical experience of watching whales in their natural habitat.  When you think of whale watching, there’s a fair chance Ireland is nowhere near the top of your list, but a trip to Cork will provide you with an affordable opportunity to access truly world class whale watching – an experience that will stay with you forever.  West Cork attracts minke, fin and humpback whales to its rich waters every year, so get yourself along to Cork and enjoy the increasingly popular whale watching tours.

Numerous visits of Kim and Kanye throughout Ireland

Cork is not the only place that Kim and Kanye have visited on their honeymoon getaway to Ireland.  There have been numerous rumoured sightings of the happy couple in Portlaoise and Limerick, as they take in the natural beauty and surprising decent weather that Ireland currently has to offer.  I wonder if this trip will inspire Kanye to switch from hip-hop to traditional Irish music for his next album.  I guess only time will tell.

How to choose the right scent for your car

Your house may be pristine and smell beautiful, you yourself might wear some of the most elegant perfume available but do you have a car scent that can match your high standards? We’ve all been in a car at one point in time which had an odour that we never ever wish to experience again, of course a good cleaning is the ultimate solution but a good car freshener can do the job for you.


Every morning most of us will get into our cars and commute to work, I know that if we had the right car scent greeting us when we open the door in the morning that the commute would be so much better and would get the day off to a much better start. Travel Candles/Car Scents are some of the most popular solutions for getting rid of any bad odours that you may have in your car right now, I strongly recommend that you invest in one today!

You are able to get air fresheners in all different shapes and sizes, you can even get ones that have been branded with the kit of your favourite football team! Which ever one you choose you need to make sure that it has a scent that you love, do not go for an overpowering scent that people comment on as being too strong. You should have a scent in your car that is subtle and matches your personality, there are so many options on the market these days that it is impossible for you to go wrong.

You should also consider how you want to use the freshener, will it be placed somewhere in your car? Hanging from the rear view mirror? or attached to one of the air vents? If you are not using the air con or fans too much then obviously having it connected to the air vent will be of little use for you and a car scent that sits by itself in the dashboard (or other area) might be the best solution for you.

Which ever one you choose always remember to have one that you will love smelling in the morning and will wake you up before that busy day at work! Don’t be too concerned about making the wrong decision, sometimes trial and error is the best way forward. It is easy to replace a scent for your car.

Picking up the pieces – recovering from an accident on holiday  

What would you do if you sustained an injury while on holiday? Although it is not something you want to think about while planning your trip, it is necessary to take some precautions to make sure you are prepared if something goes wrong. Planning ahead is the safest way to recover from an accident and continue to enjoy the rest of your trip. Before you pack your bags and hit the road, check out this advice on how to be a well-informed and healthy traveler.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 9.55.17 AM

Know how to get medical help

No matter what country or city you are visiting there is information available on the medical providers in the area. As a traveler, it is your job to do some research on the subject before you leave. In big cities there will be a number of hospitals and medical clinics, but if you are visiting more remote locations you may need to figure out the closest city or town that has a hospital. Once you get to your hotel or other accommodation always double check with the staff to make sure that your research was correct.


Make sure you have adequate insurance 

Depending on how long your holiday is, where it is and what your occupation is, you may have a variety of options for medical insurance. There is specific traveler’s insurance that you can purchase separately although that might not be necessary if it is included as a part of your current insurance policy. The best bet is to contact your insurance provider a few months before you leave and figure out what the best option is for your situation. Make sure you travel with copies of your insurance card or any important documentation necessary for medical treatment.


Research healthcare in specific region

There is a great resource called the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which provides information about all the various vaccines, diseases, outbreaks, etc. for a large range of countries around the world. It is a one-stop shop for researching healthcare in the destination you are traveling to. There are certain countries that even suggest you go to a neighboring country to seek medical attention because the healthcare is so poor. Those are things you need to know to ensure your safety and the safety of the people you are traveling with.


Get informed on specialized injury lawyers 

It is incredible how many experts there are in the field of law and knowing about them before you leave on vacation could save you a lot of hassle if you do end up sustaining an injury. If you are injured in a venue such as a swimming pool, for example, there are specific lawyers who specialize in such cases and who would be more than happy to help you. You would be surprised by how many different types of injury lawyers are available nowadays. If an accident does happen, you may not be in any condition to research lawyers and contact them, so it is a great idea to have a list of contacts before you leave. As with most things in life, when you are planning a holiday it is always better to be safe than sorry. Get informed and stay informed so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about the great unknown.