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What to pack for your trip

When planning a trip you have to pack efficiently these days – especially if you’re flying! With all the budget airlines reducing the size of carry-on baggage and pushing up the price for any bags in the hold, we all need to squeeze space-efficient gear into our neat little bags.

It’s not like read more

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What to see in Budapest

The rise of budget airlines has really opened up international travel in a big way. These days, you can get flights at great prices to pretty much anywhere within Europe, so if you live anywhere in Europe, there’s almost no excuse not to see many of the amazing sights that the continent has on offer read more

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Eastern Medicine and Holistic Healing

Staying healthy while traveling and living abroad doesn’t have to be just about western medical practices. While visiting different regions of the world, you may encounter local practices that you feel provide different or better results. Here are five treatments that you may get an opportunity read more