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The Lazy Guide to Egypt

If you’ve ever been to Egypt, you might have been a little bit overwhelmed by the history. I once fell asleep in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, until an outrageously attractive Egyptian girl woke me up to see if I was still breathing. There’s nothing more exciting to that story, but the point is

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Travel Insurance Costs and Benefits

The decision to purchase travel insurance or not can be an important one. As with any kind of insurance, you are making a judgment call about risk that is, in the end, entirely up to you. Here’s more information to help you make the decision for yourself.

What does travel insurance cover?


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5 Health and Safety Myths About Travel

When I talk to people at home about my lifestyle, they are often excited by the idea but can’t get over how dangerous they assume it must be. There are a lot of pervasive misconceptions about the danger of international travel and living that are difficult to dispel. Here are five myths about health

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